Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Brothers; Reunited

Toeshee is my kitty. He's the stripey one if you're not familiar. ;) The gray and white kitten is his brother Bowzer. I call him Bowee. :) We are kitten sitting him for a few days. He and Toeshee are playing and having such fun!
Bowee's doggy sister Casey went to the Rainbow Bridge Monday night. :(
Now her family must flea bomb their house. Bowee was full of fleas and had to be treated with Frontline and flea combed before he could be let loose in our house.
The kittens occupy themselves and leave the big kitties alone which is nice. Cricket of course is extremely annoyed and I have had to clean up after her vengence pee all ready. It's been a long week!
I will update what's going on later this week. We are not keeping Bowee though. He belongs to a family allready and five kitties is something my husband would not put up with on a permanent basis.
I will try to visit blogs as soon as I can. I have to make lunch for the kids and check on the kitty boys. It's way too quiet! Maybe they wore eachother out?
Oh, last night, they broke a vase! It wasn't valuable just a pain to clean up.
Wish me luck! HUGS<3


michico*Adan said...

Being a mom is very tired,
I am so admiring you could taking care of kids and doing the blog visiting, that is really amazing and greatful~~

Sweet Praline said...

Wishing you much luck with the extra kitty in the house. I know I give my Mom enough trouble as one kitty. I can just imagine her trying to take care of 5! Your mom deserves an extra pair of angel wings!

Mickey said...

While Bowie is cute,I;m sure you have your hands full. It is hard to say no to a cute kitty. Hopefully he will go home soon :)

Purrs Mickey & Mom

Daisy said...

Maybe Bowee will keep Toeshee occupied and you can get some rest!

MISS PEACH ~(^.^)~ said...

Dearest Lorianna! How many times have I sat down to write you this week I can not even count. it has been a sad one for me so far. I worry about the kittens and Hunny Bunny & Buddy. Then I run to feed them...then Peach gets mad...then I stress out and worry more! You understand this all too well I know you do. I have great hope all will work out. I have not been getting enough sleep and had some more headaches. So I am ever so behind and do not even deserve all of my many Blessings, of which you are one! As busy as you are in your home and garden, you stop and send me a most stunning artowrk with faeries and stardust to cheer my weary day!! Those kitties are simply adorable and look so much like me and Mickey (we are having a BED~IN today) and I will add this treasure to my scrapbook as soon as CAT ART SUNDAY is over with this weekend so saty tuned:) Mommy is planning something very special for helping the kitties get fixed but it will be a lot os work. SHe has been hunting all over the house and gathering things for a White Elephant Sale. These guys are going to cost lots of green papers to get fixed. They are such nice kitties... {{{but I hate them!<-Miss Peach}}}
So how is little M behaving of late? I still have the feliway to send to you.
Will life ever slow down? Will we ever sleep enough? Will we ever catch up? Are we just a moo moo away from being crazy cat ladies? Mo cracks me up!
I will try to be a better person because you make me want to be with your kindness and devotion....
Much love from Karla and Miss Peach.
PS: Maybe you could email me your phone number so I can call you sometime? That would be nice...

JB's Big World said...

They are so cute together! Are you sure you don't have room for one more? :^)
I hope the kitties don't tire you out too much. We have not broken anything yet at our house. PooPoo is doing well in the bathroom now....but lonely I am sure.
Hope you have a good weekend!