Sunday, August 10, 2008

A Little Of This and That On A Sleepy Sunday

My weekend has been very quiet. I am just now getting on the computer and it's after ten pm. I took another nap this afternoon. Yes, very boring. :)
I just took these pictures. My new laptop, Cricket hiding in the dark front parlor and a collage that I worked on last week. I needed to take a break from my paper crafts after my fingers started hurting, but I'm thinking I can work on it again this week. I want to try rubber stamping, but that may have to wait until this Fall after all of the back to school shopping is finished.
Today was rather cool and Fall-like here. I watered my thirsty plants, noticing that I have a lot of late bloomers this year. I wonder why? Spring was chilly and we haven't had super hot weather this year, so maybe the flowers are confused. I think as long as they bloom this month they'll be okay.
Oh, oh... I hear Cody and Toeshee wrestling! I may have to separate them again. I put Cody upstairs with a snack and let Toeshee run around in the living room until bedtime. Then Toeshee goes up to his bathroom and Cody can sleep where ever he likes. I wish I didn't have to put Toeshee in solitary but he just won't leave Cody alone. Hopefully, that will change as Toeshee grows older. (Cody is now grumbling in absolute annoyance.) :)
I will be by to visit you all as much as I can this week. I just wish I wasn't so tired and achy. Blah, it's like having the flu and not being able to shake it.
This too shall pass, right? I hope all my bloggie friends are feeling good!
Hugs and Happy Week! =^..^=


Sweet Praline said...

Hopefully, Toeshee will start calming down. I have thought numerous times of bringing in another cat, but I don't know how Praline would respond at her age.

I hope you are feeling better soon. I finally finished my third round of antibiotics yesterday and I refuse to call the doctor again (famous last words).

michico*Adan said...

For me,
it's a little bit hard to seperate Adan and Lego while they are wrestling, why? Because I like to shoot their wrestling picture but I don't want them doing too hard.
So...just always confuse me how to do it.
But, the vet says Adan's eye problem maybe while Lego whap Adan's face, something dirty got into Adan's eyes, so, might not be a good idea to let them wrestle too much~~


Daisy said...

Your new laptop looks cool!

Mo said...

It was certainly a lovely weekend, weather-wise.
Sending HUGS

MISS PEACH ~(^.^)~ said...

Lorianna I have been thinking about you all afternoon! I was up til 5 this morning and slept very late. I am so lucky to be able to do that. I drank my coffee out on the patio while Dennis put in new screens there. I listened to soft cottage music on a tape and read a new magazine called GOOD OLD DAYS. Have you ever heard of it? I love it so much and am going to get a subscription to it. Do you have a tape player? it was a great afternoon and tonight we are going on a date. Movies and deep fried chicken breast dinner at a grocery store where they have some tables to eat at. Not fancy but wonderful! I have a new kitty visitor to the garden....she is a beauty. pop over tomorrow for a photo of her. Oh and the Feliway is waiting for you too. But answer my above ?????'s for me too please. Oh and I love the fariy art you are working on!
Love and hugs XOXOXOXOX

Quasi said...

I envy your Fall-like weather. It has been hot as hades here.