Friday, January 2, 2009

Candles and Naughty Noodle Make the New Year Bright

Candles for Healing and Cricket for Smiles

I have been lighting candles for people and their pets for quite a while. I bought that cute little kitty votive holder just for that purpose. Last night I lit candles to remember all of the loved ones who left us this past year and in the years past and for all of those who are sick right now as we begin a new year. Please think of all of our beloved ones and feel a sense of hope and Healing. Jelly Bean's sister Misty is very sick with kidney failure, so I made sure to let her mommy Deb know I had her in my thoughts. I know there are many more and I wish health and healing for you all. The Lilac candle is so fragrant and reminds me that Spring is coming and the sun will warm us all again.

Now, Cricket would like to share something very naughty that she did.

Hello, everyone. A few days ago I held my own little New Year's Eve drop. Toeshee likes to drink milk from a little cream cheese container that momma fills for him and she lets him drink it on the counter by the kitchen sink. (spoiled little brat!) I decided to jump up there and help myself to some and Toeshee sat on the kitchen floor and watched. That's when I had a wonderful idea! I knocked the dish over and it landed on him spilling milk all over him! Muhaha! He ran into the living room drenched in milk! I sat there innocently. "Oops! I accidently tipped the dish over!"
Momma didn't buy it. She knows me too well and knows how smart and coniving I am. She couldn't help but laugh and of course I didn't get punished. Toeshee doesn't even smell like spoiled milk anymore.
I took a chance getting into trouble and poor Momma had to clean it all up when she was hurty, but it was so worth it!
Happy Naughty New Year Kitties!


Daisy said...

That is a very funny joke you played! Harley has started a new "game" where he tips water out of my water bowl (not his own) and then slaps his paw down on the mess to make water splash everywhere!

I just a few moments ago found out that Sen-Chan unexpectedly went to the Bridge. Maybe you could light a candle for him, too.

Black Cat said...

I'm so sorry I haven't been round for so long but I hope you all have the best in 2009! Kitties: don't give your Mummy a hard time, she's hurty! :) xxx

Sweet Praline said...

Oh Cricket, what a stinker you are! However, I am sure your mom needed the laugh and Toeshee probably deserved it.

Shaggy, Scooby and Scout said...

Well Cricket, you really got Toshee this time! Sounds like it was pretty fun, and your aim had to be perfect to bring it off correctly! Good job!
Very nice idea about the candles!

meemsnyc said...

Lighting candles is a great idea. It's been a hard year for the cat blogosphere. We just heard about Sen-Chan we are so sad.

MISS PEACH ~(^.^)~ said...

Oh my dearest sweeet friend Lorianna...thank you for you kind visits. I have been a frightful friend and no come to call like I want to. That will change this year as I have resolved to be a better time manager and posted new hours for the cozy cottage!
We are still cold and snowy here but not a foot like around christmas...I hope you are feeling better and will get to improve soon. I adore your Christmas card and played with it again today. Dennis and I are enjoying the tea you sent us so much. I see your kitty candle...indeed i have one that is special and I lite it for the kitties. I have had it since came from Elizabeth Adren perfumes and still smells a little. We just place a tea light candle inside the left over wax and it smells nice then.
January means house decluttering around here but not until we get back from the ocean. We are leaving Sunday for a week. I do so wish you could join us there. I will be working on my Valentines while at the condo and Miss Peach will help me!
Until we return you are always in my best thoughts and deep inside my heart, Love Karla and Miss Peach
PS: Cricket you are a stinker!hee hee

Christine and FAZ said...

Nice thought to light candles for our furrends, Happy New Year to you. FAZ

JB's Big World said...

Toeshee is a bit spoiled, isn't he, drinking on the counter? Well, that is as it should be, I suppose. hee hee
Thanks for writing about Misty. It has been a really sad time with so many kitties going to the Bridge, and mom is so worried. Thanks for lighting a candle for all the ill kitties and for those who have left us for the Bridge.
Misty got her first fluid injection yesterday and she was a little trooper. She is a brave little girl.
Purrs to you all,
JB, Misty, PooPoo, Bear and Deb

michico*Adan said...

Happy Happy New Year to you~~~
Although there are many good and sad things happened! But I am very glad we sense these all and be great friends~!!
I wish you and your cats and family are always happy and healthy~!

Cats~Goats~Quotes said...

Thank you for coming by and leaving nice words for us about our Bandit.

~ The Bunch, minus one

Princess said...

Cricket you are very funny. This is a great trick. Pierro knocked some bowls onto the floor on Christmas day when the beans were at grammas.

This has been a difficult year for so many, saying goodbye and also dealing with a lot of sickness. It is terrible, sometimes the heartache is unbearable. It is so good to have friends to help and be of support.

I hope your mom is feeling good now. I hope your joints are not too hurty. This is going to be a good year! We will make it good.
Love and purrs always, Prinnie

Everycat said...

Lilac is a beautiful scent to remember those who are sick or who have left us. It's been a sad time lately. Scents of spring are good.

Cricket! Now who would be the first cat to get all upset and cross if they had milk sloshed all over them? YOU!

Hehehe, funny though! Poor Toeshee!