Friday, October 30, 2009

Cricket tells a scary story

Hello, the perfect Halloween black Cat, Cricket here!


Did I scare you? MOL!

Momma is fa-reaking out right now! Her and the Daddyman are refinancing their mortgage and an appraiser is coming over Monday. She has to come in the house. Pretty scary huh? See, Momma gets no help at all with house work and it takes her forever just to get the downstairs vacuumed and dusted because she has been so hurty.
The teenagergirls room should be declared a disaster zone! There is a spare bedroom that the Daddyman started to renovate, but never finished. It looks awful!
When the teenagergirl re-painted her room she moved out a lot of stuff into the front upstairs sitting room. It is a cluttered mess now! Momma can't even get to her window seat without crawling over stuff.
Needless to say she is very discouraged. She is going to do her best to get some things under control.
I say, why worry? After it's all done, the house payment is lower, which means more Nom Noms and toys for us kitties! And personally as a cat, I have no interest in how cluttered the house is. It's a big playground for me! I will help her by snoopervising of course.
Cleaning a house until it's spotless? For Momma, that's scary!


Oh, yes, I must add that we are very excited to attend the wedding tomorrow! I must pick out the purrfect outfit. Would orange silk be too much?

Be naughty kitties!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Home is where the heart and kitties are

Taking it Easy

Hi efurryone! Miss Billie here to say hi, just because I wanted a turn.
Momma bought a new extra snuggly blanket and spread it out of the sofa for her and me to share. I snuggled into it and she covered up with it and watched scary ghost stories on the telly.
It is a dark sea glass faux suede on one side and curly fleece on the other.
We like it a lot.

Cody is still doing better. He's eating well and barfed up a hairball early this morning. He naps a lot. When he saw Momma putting on her shoes and coat to go to the store he got excited because he thought they were going out to explore the gardens. Momma said, "No Cody. No outside today. Maybe later in the week you can go out with me for a little bit."
He has been quite grumpy about this. Fall is hard for him and Momma because when it gets colder and wet they need to stay in.

I am very excited about The Big Halloween Vintage Wedding coming up! Miss Peach will be beautiful and Mickey will be so dashing!

We hope you all have a great Halloween week and we will try to keep up with posting and visiting.

~Miss Billie~<3

Saturday, October 24, 2009

What's in the litterbox, Cody?

Not to be gross...

Hey all, Cody here! I hope I do not offend anyone's delicate sensibilities, but whoa! That goop Momma has been giving me really cleans out the pipes if you know what I mean!

I am feeling much better. I am eating as much as I can anytime I want and I haven't barfed since Thursday. I am breathing better because my tummy isn't in as much hurty and I am pooing twice a day. Momma thinks they may be hairball shaped, but it may take a while to get it all out. I have to take that goopy stuff for several more days, then once a week for maintenance.
I have that yucky pink antibiotic too. Um, note to VETS: Cats do Not like bubblegum!

Now I must gain back the weight that I lost. Toeshee has been a pain, so Momma keeps him away from me. She says that when I feel all better and put some weight on she will let me give him a quick smackdown just to let him know I am the big mancat of the house.

We hear that Miss Peach's kidbean Cole is sick in his tummy too and there are lots of other kitties that are sick as well. We are purraying for all of them to get better!

Thank you all so much for your kind words to help me feel better. I will try to be good about taking my medicine to get rid of all of the hairballs. Momma is working very hard to tend to me and make sure the other kitties get attention too.
She has lots of Blog visits to make and must go grocery shopping to get our Nom Noms. the Vet said I should eat really soft stinky goodness, which makes me very happy!
The other kitties; Billie, Cricket and Toeshee are eating well and seem to be feeling tip top. Even Billie who has had her share of health problems seems to be holding steady.
Momma said no one is allowed to be sick for a very long time!
She will keep you updated on my progress in the poo department and hopefully I will avoid surgery.

We Love You All!
Hugs and Purrs

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Cody update

I hate hairballs!

Hi, I'm back with a Cody update. He has two big, nasty hairballs blocking his intestinal tract! Out VET took x-rays and did bloodwork. His kidneys are great, his liver function is just a bit off and his white cell count is up, indicating infection or inflamation in the body. So, he is now on, let me see, Vedalax, which the vet says is like Liquid plumber for kitties and the bubblegum flavored Amoxicillan. She says 90% of the cats she sees with hairball blockages pass them within a couple of days on this stuff. The rest need surgury to remove it.
I am praying that Cody can just poo all of this out of him. He was dehydrated too, so she gave him sub q's before she sent him home with us, along with a booster shot of antibiotics and a big finger full of the Vedalax. He has to have that 3 times a day for 5 days.
The Vet said, that for 15 Cody has very good organ function. If he bounces back from this and puts on the weight he lost over the past week, he should be in great shape for a senoir cat.
It's hard to believe just this past Monday he was in the garden with me helping me plant spring bulbs and last night he started getting so sick.

I am sitting with him in my little craft room keeping him company. He has his water, mushy wet cat food and a litter box with only a little pee in it yet. I just want him to go potty and get rid of this! Oh, his tummy is full of gas too, so you can imagine how uncomfortable he has been. My poor, sweet boy!
He has always been so good and loving and gentle. Just a little fuzzy teddy bear of a kittyboy.
Please continue to purray that he can get through this.
I hope I didn't sound too frantic. I am just not ready to watch him go yet. He needs to see those flowers we planted next spring...

Thank you all so much for your words of encouragement. They and You mean more than you can ever know. I feel a bit alone in my love and worry. The teenagers have their own lives and my husband is very irritated about how much this is costing. He likes Cody and even helped give him his medicine tonight, but he wants me to be ready to let go if he can't pull through.
I would gladly give up all of my RA meds and doctor appointments to help my kitties, but he gets upset when I say that.

So, here it is almost 12:30 am and Cody and me are listening to the rain. The other kitties are sleeping. He seems a bit restless, but hopefully he can settle into a good nap.
I just hope by morning I see that nasty hairball in the litterbox.
Not a fun thing to see before coffee, but oh well...

Big Hugs and Gentle Purrs from me and Cody

Please Feel Better

Cody is sick.

My hands are shaking and my heart is pounding in my chest, probably ready for another break...
Cody has been very sick since last night. He can't keep any food or water down and this morning I found him hiding in the little spare room I keep my crafting things in. That's the same room Tookie went to hide in.
Right now he is under the sofa in the living room, making these little growly , groaning sounds. He has a 4:20 appointment at the Vet.

I am scared out of my mind. My husband reminded me that he is 15 and that he has been slowing down and sleeping more. I bitterly reminded him that Tookie was in her 20's when she went to the bridge and why can't Cody live a bit longer?

Why? Why? Why? I don't want to do this again. I swear I spend most of my life asking why and saying it's not fair!

I'm sorry. I know other kitties are sick, or missing and people have lost loved ones. Again, it all seems so unfair and pointless.

I just have this feeling in the pit of my stomach... Please let me be wrong. Let Cody just need some meds and bounce back like Billie did.

I will update when I can.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Bad Boy, Bad Boy...

This is what happens when...

Hi everyone. It's Toeshee and I have to publicly apologize to Mr. Cody for attacking him Saturday evening.
I just got all wound up and wanted to be Alpha cat, so I jumped him and pinned him to the floor with my claws and heavier weight. He cried and carried on and I got in super big trouble!
Momma had to squirt me with the water bottle to get me off of him, then the Daddyman put me in the time out cage.
I had to stay there for like forever!

Momma Lorianna here; It was not forever, more like twenty minutes! Toeshee was so naughty! He seems to be sensing that Cody is getting older and is being a little brat about it.

We saw pet costumes in the store. There was an orange prison jumper with the numbers on it, maybe Toeshee should wear it? :)

He's such a cute little convict! But, if he wants to go to the wedding he better shape up!

Toeshee says; I'll try to be good Momma!

Cody; If he does it again I will ask Cricket to kick his floofy hiney! She's been wanting to anyway and for a few extra Party Mix treats I think she'll do it!

Momma is suddenly very tired...

Monday, October 19, 2009

Busy Billie

What a Lovely Time!

Hi everyone, Miss Billie here! Today I went to a Tea and spa Bridal Shower for Miss Peach! It was so fun to see all of the other kitties. Many discussed Miss Peach and Mickey's Honeymoon, but I'm not sure what that means.

Momma and Cricket went too. Cody was too tired because he helped Momma plant Spring bulbs earlier and Toeshee was too naughty to attend such a lovely and refined event. Wait until you see his Prison Picture!
He was VERY BAD this weekend!

We will be trying to visit our Bloggie friends as much as possible.
Momma has been going to lots of doctor's appointments and getting bloods taken and flu shots and stuff. Now she's back to giving herself shots again too. She says she feels like a voodoo doll! (Momma is very weird!)

Well, that's it for now.
Have a Happy Day!
~Miss Billie~

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

It's Good to be Queen Cricket

Her way or the highway!

Yes, it's me Cricket. Yes, I am eating my stinky goodness with crunchies on the side In The Living room. Deal with it! Momma said I could and when it comes to us kitties she always lets us have our way.

What are you able to get away with at your house?

Have a happy, slightly naughty day!


Thursday, October 8, 2009

Miss Billie Blogs Today

Billie's Turn

Hi everyone! Miss Billie here to give a repurrt. Cody and I finally let Momma take some new pictures of us the other day. It has been rather gloomy here and stormy too. The other night we had gale force winds shaking the house all night long! All of us kitties ended up on Momma's bed listening to the winds and the Daddyman's snoring. :)
The next day there were power outages and our neighbor lost a big branch from the maple tree that overhangs into our yard. The branch landed in his yard thank goodness! Maybe we will have more sun next spring in our gardens.
Sniff , Sniff
That is Momma's nose. She has bad allergies this year. The doctor said it's probably due to her immune system being off. She had her bloods taken and now she can start poking herself with that medicine again. She doesn't like the way it makes her tummy feel, but it was helping her hurty joints a bit. So, hopefully she can start feeling better soon.

Look at the Persian puzzle next to me! Miss Peach's Mommy Karla sent it to us in a box of treasures! The Lapdaddy is a skilled woodworker; a true artist!
I am very excited because Miss Peach and Mickey's wedding is on Halloween and I am to be a bride's maid! I wonder when I will have my first dress fitting? I probably better let Momma comb my furs without biting her huh?
Momma says I have become very cranky as I get older and I need to stop turning into a prissy hissy when she grooms me.
I am usually a very demure lady, but with my own arthritis I just do not like to be messed with! Surely she can understand that!

Well, I better go have a snack and get another nap in. Momma has to clean today and I prefer to stay out of her way, especially when she brings out the vacuum. I hate that thing! I always have too! There is a youtube video of a kitty riding on a Rumba robot vacuum. I think I'll pass on that Momma. Maybe Toeshee would do it.

Have a Happy Snuggly Day!

Friday, October 2, 2009

October is Here

Rain is A Pain

Hello, Cricket here with another update. It rained last night, as you can tell from our dimly lit pictures. I told Momma no flashy thing and she listened. I hate that flashy thing! Toeshee and I settled in the living room. Billie for some reason has taken to going up to Momma's room. She never used to do that.
Cody likes to sleep in the dining room at night.
It's raining again today. The sun came out for a little bit, so Momma took a picture before the clouds came back.

She found a cute little journal for $ 3.00 and has decided to use it for an art journal. She thinks the pages will be different in colors and themes as the seasons and her moods change. She wants to try to work through her Big Sad this way. She says the best medicine is our purrs and company though. And visiting her nice Bloggie friends too!

Well, I am off to have a snack of Fancy Feast and then another cat nap.
Have a Happy Weekend and if you are a kitty do something just a little bit naughty for some fun!