Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Kitties and Crafts

Cozy Inside

Autumn is here for sure. The days are shorter and it's been cloudy and rainy and cold. Our old house doesn't have overhead lighting in the living room and it stays rather dim on cloudy days. We use lamps and lights like the ones on the fireplace and at night candles too. It's kind of pretty and the low lighting hides lots of dust and cat hair. :)
We have had some minor internet outages, but it's better than it was. The kitties have been keeping me company while I craft and try to keep up on the chores. I made a
little owl card, inspired by the Chinese fortune that reads; "Romance is Blossoming." It's a bit blurry, but that's what it says.
The Faerie paper doll is made from a template that I found online. The Enchanted Gallery, I think. She is an Autumnal Faerie. I used way to much glitter. Toeshee even had some on his fur! I told him he was sprinkled with Faerie Dust.

Miss Billie has taken to sleeping under the old broken down rocking chair in front of the heat register. The seat needs re-caning, so I just put a pillow on it and some of my little stuffed kitties on that.
Cricket is a bit miffed about Billie's napping spot because she likes to hide under there to play with her toys and lie in wait for Toeshee.

Never a dull moment with these kitties. Cody is mad at me because I have not taken him outside with me since Sunday. It's going to be a long winter with "Grandpa Floofy CrankyPants". He hates being cooped up in the house. He doesn't seem to understand that I do not enjoy cold wet weather and 40 mile an hour wind gusts.

Well, that's about it. We are holding out hope for some decent sunny days yet and just trying to stay cozy. I hope you all have some nice days on your way too.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Catch Up With Billie

Fun Party to break up the cloudy days.

Hi everyone, Miss Billie here to post a bit of catching up. First, Happy Birthday to my dear friend Sweet Praline! She is 14 today. I'm 14 too, so we have lots to talk about; fussy tummies, creaky joints, and cranky moods. Momma says join the club! :)
It has been quite dreary here lately. Just very cloudy and cool. Lots of sneezing and stuffy noses from allergies for Momma and the Teenagergirl.
Us kitties have been napping a lot. Cricket and Toeshee have been battling over the coveted living room window. Whenever he challenges her it turns into quite the standoff. He thinks he has her cornered under the old rocking chair, but Cricket is very fast! With a hiss and a thwap she shows Toeshee who is boss.
I am not a tough girl like her, but Toeshee doesn't usually bother me. I guess I'm not a challenge like Cricket, which is fine with me!

Momma still has the sads. She can't seem to work through them this month. Us kitties keep her company and she loves us all very much. We are glad that she needs us as much as we need her.

We hope you are all having a good month so far and we will try to be better about blogging.
Lots of Hugs!
~Miss Billie~

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Pirate Queens for a Day

Girls Rule!

Cricket says, "Today be Meow Like a Pirate Day here and I say Billie and I are the Pirate Queens of this old creaky barge! Savvy?
Momma wants to know when Johnny Depp makes his appearance. Keep dreamin' Momma!

Have a great weekend and be naughty pirate kitties!"

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Be Good Toeshee

Be good Toeshee!

I am not allowed to jump up onto the fireplace mantel because I always break something when I do. I don't try to break things, it just happens somehow. Momma calls me the furry wrecking ball. Truthfully, I have grown into a pretty good sized kitty, so I can't jump up on really high places as well as I used too. Still, that rose looks kind of yummy...
Momma has a bit of the blues and hasn't been on her computer very much. She says she doesn't want to spread the sad. Maybe she will visit some nice bloggers and that will cheer her up.
Hugs everyone!

Friday, September 11, 2009

A September day with Cody

A September Day With Cody

Hi all! Cody here to share a bit of our yard with you. Can you see I am unimpressed with that woodpecker? He was loud!
Momma took me out with her while she let Mr. Sun heat up her joints. Our sunflowers are all blooming and the bees are very happy. Do you see the bee in the sunflower?
Momma has been admiring bird pictures lately. She likes this September Songbird picture a lot. Do you think he would taste good? :) I wonder what woodpeckers taste like?

As a senior cat of 15, I am moving a bit slower these days. Momma is moving slow too. We try to take one day at a time here, enjoying the good and trying to put the bad out of our minds. I am helping Momma around the house as best as I can. Last night, so she wouldn't have to, I opened up a fresh bag of dry cat food and knocked it over so a lot would spill onto the floor. Then us kitties could just help ourselves with night time munchies and let Momma sleep. It worked too! We didn't bother her for breakfast until 9:00 this morning!

Momma said, "Um, gee, thanks Cody!" Then grumbled something about a broom. I told her not to worry about it. Us kitties will just munch on it throughout the day. Just be careful not to step on it when you use the microwave. ;)

We hope you all have a great, relaxing weekend!
Hugs~ Cody

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Best Toy Ever

Cricket's Favorite Toy

Hello, Cricket here. I wanted to show you something that I have been playing with since last Fall. I actually went into the closet where Momma had it stored and dragged it out by it's string. I keep it behind the sofa and pull it out whenever I feel like having some fun. What is it?
A paper lantern for Halloween! Momma had it hanging from the front porch last year along with a garland of (fake) leaves. It looked really pretty. After Halloween she took it in and put it away. She, however, underestimated my "See, Want, Take," attitude. I just had to have that lantern! I love toys on strings that I can drag around the house and up onto the top of furniture. I'm like a jungle panther with my prey!
Of course I always get my way and Momma thought I was adorable playing with it. She always says, "Oh, oh, Cricket's getting the party decorations out!" when ever I start dragging my lantern around. It's all mine too! The other kitties do not like it. They like the nip toys when they play. I don't have anything against a good nip mouse on occasion, but the lantern is much more fun and kinda noisy when I drag it around.
Do any of you have an unconventional toy?

Momma spent most of the weekend resting. She gets very hurty if she stands or walks for a length of time. She said grocery shopping was awful!
She mostly just hangs out at home with a heat pack and pain reliever. Oh and good old Benadryl because her allergies are bad this year. Billie's too. And Cody has been hacking up a hairball like, every other day!
The other kitties got their Frontline treatment for fleas, but I did not. I seem to be allergic to flea medicine. My fur comes out where it is applied and I get all spacy and barf. That's okay though. I don't think any flea would dare to hop on me!

We hope you are all having a good September so far. Momma has been negligent in her visiting and will try to catch up this week.

Be Naughty Kitties!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Toeshee Tells All

Lots To Share

Hi everyone, it's me Toeshee! We have had a couple of rough days here, but some things are better now.
Billie wasn't feeling well since Monday afternoon. She had not been eating and just seemed more tired and irritable. Momma of course was very worried. Then Momma had a bad fall when she tripped to avoid stepping on Cody's tail. She landed on her tailbone against the bottom step of the stairway. (why do beans have tailbones if they don't have tails?) She thinks it's just bruised and the fall hurt her joints in the wrists and hips too. So, she has been hurty and worried and weepy since Monday evening.

The good news is that Billie seems to be better! It seems she has some seasonal allergy issues and was just kinda stuffed up and couldn't really take interest in food. Momma jumped started her appetite with tuna and small bits of ham that she hand fed her. This along with sips of water and lots of lap time seemed to put Billie back on track. She is now eating normally and she is not sounding all snory and wheezy when she sleeps.

Today when Momma got the mail she was very happy to find some beautiful cards from her friend Helena! Helena lives in England and is a super talented artist. She loves cats too. We think the kitty in the card reminds us of Cricket and also a little bit like Daisy's sister Pixie. The lacy looking layers are painstakingly put together with glue. Aren't they amazing? If you want to purchase anything that Helena creates just click on her Creating a Likeness link on the side bar. She has her own little online card shop and even does commissions of pictures of your beloved furbabies. The pictures Momma took do not do her work justice. She also loves me; Toeshee the adorable young mancat! I hope she likes the picture of me in the window. HI HELENA! :)
She is my human girlfriend. My true kitty ladylove is Jelly Bean though. I think she is the cat's meow! Her blue eyes are sigh worthy...

Huh, what's that Billie? Oh Billie says she and Cricket and Cody are going to start teasing me if I don't chill. Fine, whatever!

Anyway the cards cheered Momma up a little bit, but she is moving even slower than ever. She is sitting on the sofa with two pillows propping her up. She is just so grateful that Billie seems okay. There are other family stresses going on, but as long as she has us nearby Momma feels better. Oh, and she's not mad at Cody or his tail or anything. Accidents happen and she's glad she didn't step on it at least.

We hope you all are having a great week and we send Hugs and Purrs!