Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Last Twilight Of August

It has been just me and the Kitties for most of the day. My husband is putting in overtime at work and my daughter went to the beach and is hanging out with friends. Right now, the kitties are probably the best company for me.
I have been feeling so out of sorts. I have been fighting insomnia and pain for several days and I have also been very weepy. I think one of my medicines might be contributing to that. I'm sorry that I haven't been by to visit you all. :(
As the sun began to set this evening I took some pictures of Cricket relaxing in our big bow window, my latest craft project in progress and then I went outside and Cody joined me. Like me and other kitties I have loved, he likes Twilight Time.
Now, the crickets (not the cat) are chirping, the sun has set and I am spending a Sunday evening trying to keep melancholy at bay. I think some pain reliever and a glass of chocolate milk is in order tonight.

I hope everyone has a nice Labor Day tomorrow. (if you celebrate it) I actually like the way Europeans spell it; "Labour." I also like "Colour". :)
Maybe because much of my family hails from Great Britain and Germany.
My, I do get off track sometimes...

The Kitties; Billie, Cody, Cricket and Toeshee and I send Big Hugs. Please keep the people and innocent animals in the path of Hurricane Gustave in your thoughts and prayers.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Slooowest Blogging Ever! But,Toeshee is Great! : )

"It is impossible to keep a straight face in the presence of one or more kittens." ~ Cynthia Varnado

I hope this video of Toeshee and Bowee uploads... (Why is Blogger so slow?)

Toeshee came home around 6:00 pm last night and he is back to his naughty hyper self. :) He seems to have completely forgotten about the entire Hooha ectomy procedure. (well, he did attack me and bit my arm really hard last night when I went to bed, but he seemed to be playing so I forgave him.)

According to my upload thingy I have 14M of 60M of my video uploaded. Maybe I didn't do it right? Has Blogger been slow for anyone else? No? just me then... sigh. I guess if the video doesn't work I'll just post a picture.

I'm trying to wrap my mind around the fact that August is almost over. I heard on the radio that the "Olde Farmer's Almanac" is calling for a brutal winter. Stupid Old farmers! :( How do they know this?

Ooh, 18 M of 60M now! Can you tell I'm trying to kill time? Just for a video that may not even load!

We do not have any plans for this Labor Day weekend. My husband may even work Saturday, so it won't even be a three day weekend for him.

Well, aside from Toeshee's boy kitty procedure there isn't much to report. I have been very tired and a little "I want to be alone-ish" this week. My husband has been spending all of his free time making charts and graphs for some stock market group he belongs to. My daughter is busy with friends and is annoyed with me because I worry too much. Hey, she's the one who sprang the I need Senoir pictures thing, so now I'm the one who has to coordinate it. Kids! grumble, grumble...

Hey, the numbers on the upload status disappeared! Now it says, uploading video (of) What does that mean?

Okay, there may not be a video. If not oops! I'll just make do.

I will visit blogs soon. Take Care! (((Gentle Hugs.)))

Update: The video didn't load. So I just added a cute pic of Toeshee and his brother Bowee. Oh well, better luck next time!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Reason # 500 On Why I Need A Cruise/Vacation

This past Saturday was very stressful. Now, don't freak out, because everything is fine now, but knowing me, imagine how upset I was.

We had a house full of teenagers Saturday. It was 90 degrees with 90% humidity. All our fans were on, kids were in and out and drinking all of the soda and iced tea and just generally like locusts in our living room. :)
They are all good kids, just loud. By evening I went to my room with a book, my husband was on his computer and the cats were hiding.
Toeshee came up to see me a few times and Cricket remained up the entire time. After about an hour and a half I noticed Toeshee had not been around. He usually wants to know where I am, so I went to look for him. Nobody had seen him for a while and it was getting late. I started to look for him and calling his name. No Toeshee. I began to get a very bad feeling. I searched everywhere. My husband got up to look. My daughter's friend Anthony helped. (He's a doll by the way. He watches Project Runway with me and is always so sweet) My daughter and another friend started looking while the other two girls where being picked up. Another girl had been picked up earlier by her Mom. She's the one who stood in the doorway with the door wide open. Know where this is going? I went outside, calling sick to my stomach. My daughter grabbed a flashlight and with her friend made a trek around the block. I went in, crying. Husband and Anthony walked around the yard, using Anthony's cell phone as a light. My husband heard a pitiful mewing sound. Toeshee was huddled against the brick of the front porch, under the Wisteria! It had rained earlier in the day and he was wet, but okay.
They came in and called me. "We found him!"
I snatched up my kitten and cried, thinking about all of the bad things that could have happened to him and so gratefull that he was safe!
My nervous breakdown count is now well over a hundred.

The last few days have been much more quiet. (so far) Toeshee is fine. Billie is sleeping in the bathroom again. She changes her nap locations every couple of weeks I swear. I have been sorting through all of my crafting supplies.
I have rubber stamps, papers, glitter, magazines for collages and Halloween illustrations on cd-rom to make cute vintage looking stuff with.
Hopefully, I can find time to do some crafting this week. I really want to do some Blog visiting too, so I will try to visit as many as I can. Thanks to everyone who visits me! It makes me so happy!
I hope you all have a stress free week. Wish Toeshee luck when he has his hoohaectomy tomorrow! I'll try not to worry to much. (yea right...)

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Happy Not The Momma Monday!

A little birdie sent this out in e-mails this past weekend and I couldn't wait to post these adorable pictures!
It's Not the Momma Monday! Mo is the most loving, sweetest, dedicated animal lover around. He puts in so much time, money and Love and Tears into all of the fur babies that come to him in need. He is, in my mind The Patron Saint Of Cats.
He has five kitties of his own and always willingly takes in a stray kitty that needs fostering. Trust me, multiple cat house holds can be quite challenging!
Whenever he fosters, he has to play "musical cats" to avoid fights and the spread of illness until he can get the foster kitty to the V E T.
Ever try herding cats? :)
When he finds a home for the foster kitty, Mo always goes through such a bittersweet emotional time; happy for the cat and sad because, of course, he has become attached. The kitty also becomes quite fond of Not the Momma because Mo is just so kind and has so much love to give.

So, lets all wish Not the Momma a Happy Not the Momma Monday!

Oh, this was not my idea (because I'm not that organized) But, I don't know if she wishes to remain anonymous or not. I have a feeling though, that a lot of Mo fans received this wonderful idea and the cute pictures in their in box!
(I do know she has a feline brood of her own)

I'll pop over for visits as much as I can this week. Hugs everyone! And an Extra Big Hug for NTM!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Queen "Crictoria" says, "We Are Not Amused!"

Cricket has had a rough week. She had two kittens to contend with and she was not amused! I have had to clean up after her every day this week. It seems that all I have been doing this week revolves around cleaning up after kitties and kids. I need a vacation. I love them all very much, but sometimes... :)
Bowee went home the other evening. Toeshee misses him. After he left Toeshee wandered around looking for him and by the next morning he was back to being really naughty, attacking Cody and biting me. I think the poor little guy is bored and that is what passes for entertainment for him. We play with him with cat toys, but as soon as he's sees movement from one of the other kitties, he immediately jumps on them. Well, his hoohaectomy is this coming Wednesday so hopefully he will calm down a bit. Please keep him in your thoughts for a safe surgury. Yes, I will worry! :) You know me...

I am still on the medicines my RA doctor prescribed. The disease modifier Plaquenil takes a long time to start working. I have to stay on it until December to see if it's working. If it doesn't I have to move up to Methotrexate which is pretty strong. It's actually a chemo drug. I don't think I want that! I'm on a steroid called Prednisone for infalmation. It makes me extra moody. (kind of like pms extreme) So far I'm not feeling much relief with either drug. Can you just get used to pain and not even realize how much it affects you? I know I'm tired all the time.

I think, if it rains this afternoon, I will do both Cricket and myself a favor. I will go up to my room where she spends a lot of time, and I will take a nap with her. She gets all purry and sweet when I do that. :) Billie has been loving the enclosed back porch. If the breeze is right, it's not to bad out there.

I hope everyone has a restful and happy weekend. Please take time to do something that makes you happy! If it makes your furbaby happy too, even better! :) HUGS!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Brothers; Reunited

Toeshee is my kitty. He's the stripey one if you're not familiar. ;) The gray and white kitten is his brother Bowzer. I call him Bowee. :) We are kitten sitting him for a few days. He and Toeshee are playing and having such fun!
Bowee's doggy sister Casey went to the Rainbow Bridge Monday night. :(
Now her family must flea bomb their house. Bowee was full of fleas and had to be treated with Frontline and flea combed before he could be let loose in our house.
The kittens occupy themselves and leave the big kitties alone which is nice. Cricket of course is extremely annoyed and I have had to clean up after her vengence pee all ready. It's been a long week!
I will update what's going on later this week. We are not keeping Bowee though. He belongs to a family allready and five kitties is something my husband would not put up with on a permanent basis.
I will try to visit blogs as soon as I can. I have to make lunch for the kids and check on the kitty boys. It's way too quiet! Maybe they wore eachother out?
Oh, last night, they broke a vase! It wasn't valuable just a pain to clean up.
Wish me luck! HUGS<3

Monday, August 18, 2008

Lorianna's Cat House

Well, I think I'm going to be in trouble. I'll give you one guess and it rhymes with "mitten". Toeshee has a brother. He lives with my daughter's "friend-boy". (a boy that's a friend and the feelings are not that romantic as far as I can tell) This guy also has a dog that has been injured and needs her rest. She can't get that with little "Bowzer" pestering her all the time. (I'm not fond of his name by the way)
So, my daughter asked if we could kitten sit for a few days. She promised to keep him in her room and be responsible for feeding him and making sure he has litter and water. I, of course can't refuse a kitty in need and I feel so bad for the dog. You know who's going to be spoiling and fattening up and snuggling with that kitten don't you? You know who's husband is going to be peeved when he finds out? And you know who's kitty's, a Naughty Noodle one in particular, are going to be furious if they pick up the kitten's scent?
I'm NOT KEEPING HIM! :) Like Mo said, "I'm a moo moo away from being a crazy cat lady."

I posted some more garden pictures and as usual when I go out, Cody traipses out with me. It is very warm today, so after I took these he wanted in to take a nap under the sofa in our cool living room. Being outside calmed me down a bit. Summer will fade before we know it, so I better get outside while I can.

I hope everyone is okay. I did not go online yesterday, but my thoughts were filled with all of the sadness that has been shadowing over so many...

I hope the coming week brings moments of joy and peace to all of you.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

In Memory of an Angel Baby

She was a tiny baby, only around four months. Please keep her heartbroken family in your thoughts, prayers, or petitions. Maybe you could wear the colour violet this weekend or use it in your blog.
Blessings and Love to You All

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Pop! Goes The Kitties!

Toeshee and I would like to share a cute little pop up book called Kittens. The art work is by Leslie Anne Ivory. I have always loved pop up books. I would like to learn how to do pop ups in my paper crafts. It looks really difficult though.

I help Cricket and Cody blog at House Panthers and Billie over at Floof and Fur and I am way, way behind with both! I feel so bad! Time has just been running away from me lately. I'm behind on visiting blogs too. I'll keep trying to visit a few every day.

My daughter has gone camping with her friend and family until Monday. I'm having a case of the" lonelys." She has had a very "fun time" Summer, going here and there which is what she wanted. This coming school year is her senoir year in high school so she will be very busy.

I can't believe it's Thursday all ready! I hope the coming weekend is restfull and restorative for every one. Our hearts are full and our minds are reeling with all of the sadness this week. Maybe our fur babies can bring smiles to our faces and some sunshine to our days. Go visit Daisy and Miss Peach and the Purrchance to Dream Gang. Visit Sweet Praline and Jelly Bean and Quasi. Say hi to Micke
y and Prinnie and Adan and Lego. Stop by The Zoolatry crew The NYC kitties, Team Tabby, Gandolf and Grayson... and my oh my! There are so many! Kitties, Woofies, Hammies, Gerbils, and awesome people. I feel better just thinking of them all. :)

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Sending Love

I'm just posting to let you all know that you are loved. I will visit when I can to say hello. It's a sad time right now isn't it? The sun always comes back after the storm. Let's hope some healing will begin for hearts that are broken. Bless Beautiful Violette and her Loving Family.
Hugs and Love<3

Sunday, August 10, 2008

A Little Of This and That On A Sleepy Sunday

My weekend has been very quiet. I am just now getting on the computer and it's after ten pm. I took another nap this afternoon. Yes, very boring. :)
I just took these pictures. My new laptop, Cricket hiding in the dark front parlor and a collage that I worked on last week. I needed to take a break from my paper crafts after my fingers started hurting, but I'm thinking I can work on it again this week. I want to try rubber stamping, but that may have to wait until this Fall after all of the back to school shopping is finished.
Today was rather cool and Fall-like here. I watered my thirsty plants, noticing that I have a lot of late bloomers this year. I wonder why? Spring was chilly and we haven't had super hot weather this year, so maybe the flowers are confused. I think as long as they bloom this month they'll be okay.
Oh, oh... I hear Cody and Toeshee wrestling! I may have to separate them again. I put Cody upstairs with a snack and let Toeshee run around in the living room until bedtime. Then Toeshee goes up to his bathroom and Cody can sleep where ever he likes. I wish I didn't have to put Toeshee in solitary but he just won't leave Cody alone. Hopefully, that will change as Toeshee grows older. (Cody is now grumbling in absolute annoyance.) :)
I will be by to visit you all as much as I can this week. I just wish I wasn't so tired and achy. Blah, it's like having the flu and not being able to shake it.
This too shall pass, right? I hope all my bloggie friends are feeling good!
Hugs and Happy Week! =^..^=

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Toeshee Tummy Time

Here is Toeshee and his cute little tummy. :) He went to the VET yesterday and he is very healthy! He gained a pound and a half in 3 weeks and now weighs 5 1/2 pounds! He has an appointment for his snip snip on August 27th. He will be six months old around September 18th, so it's right on time.

I have a new laptop! It's a Dell that my husband ordered from Staples. It's orange! :) It's nice, but I really need to get used to it. I uploaded all of the pics in my camera and added the "cat flavor" for my Mozilla browser. I will take a picture of it and post it soon. I do miss my little laptop and I think I will use it once in a while until it croaks. It is nice to use one with a working battery though!

After giving my hands a bit of a rest they feel a little bit better. I finally fell asleep last night around 1:15 am! That needs to stop. How can I get anything done when I sleep in until 9:00am? That will change when school starts. I get up at 5:45 am to get lunches and coffee and breakfast going to get my daughter off to school. My husband does the morning carpool so he needs to be ready to go too.

Today I will try to do some blog visits before I do my grocery shopping. It's so nice outside, so maybe I will try to slip out for some sun on my joints for a bit too. ;)
Have a Really Happy Day Everyone!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Hazy And Humid In The Garden Today

Hi I'm back! I wasn't spirited away by fairies. : ) I'm having lots of little issues that are adding up. My laptop is running really hot and the fan isn't running as often as it should. It's kinda slow too. My husband thinks it's just run it's course and he doesn't want to put any money in to it. That means I will be getting a new laptop. For now, I'm just going to use my old one and hope it doesn't croak. I could also use it to iron shirts!

The other issue is with my hands and wrists. They hurt! I'm typing very slowly and trying to rest them as much as possible. Yesterday, while draining pasta I felt a snap in my wrist and a jolt of pain. I did not say anything to my family and now I'm wondering how I'm going to manage dinner tonight. I suppose I should have said something... I see my Rhuematalagist on the 20th so maybe we can discuss other options because I'm not feeling much better.

I posted pictures of my Fairy Garden today. Foxgloves, Old Fashioned Bleeding Heart, and Astilbe. And a pretty apricot lily and a Cody Cat getting some fresh air while I take pictures. : )

Toeshee goes back to the V E T tomorrow for his next pill for "werms". (Daisy term) I think he will get some blood drawn too. Poor kitty! Stop laughing Cricket! ; ) Then we have to make his appointment to get snipped. (Now Cody is laughing) Toeshee is still driving the big kitties crazy. He bites everyone! Everything is a toy to him.

It's warm and humid here today with sunlight filtering through the trees in a golden glow. I always notice that golden glow in August. The light just changes. Where is summer going?

Well I better get blog hopping while I can. Blogger has a supposed scheduled outage at 4:oo pm PDT and my little laptop is ready to fry eggs on.

I will see you all soon! I love you my friends! HUG! =^..^=