Thursday, July 30, 2009

Lavendar Blue and Cody Too

Cody helps pick Lavender (and is Toeshee F A T?)

Hey everyone! It's me; Cody the friendly gardening cat. (I'm the longer haired nice boy black cat of the family)
While Momma picked Lavender yesterday I relaxed on the front porch. Don't worry she watched me like a hawk. I can't get away with anything with her!
She put in on our old front door with a gold ribbon. We think it looks nice in a shabby chic kind of way. There is also some Russian sage with it.

Okay, take a look at Toeshee. Bigafy if you want, but it might take up your whole screen. Hee hee! He is really heavy! It hurts Momma's hands to pick him up! How much are Maine Coon cats supposed to weigh? We think he must be pushing 15 to 2o lbs. Is it time for Iams "Diet" cat food?

Oh, before I go, look at the pretty collage of Tookie and the sweet pictures and poem on our sidebar. Miss Peach's Mommy Karla made that. Momma gets all teary eyed whenever she looks at it. She is trying to gather courage to get some more pictures of Tookie posted. It has been 2 years and a month and we still miss her something awful. She was a great LadyCat.
It is also our 2 year blogaversary. We are grateful for all of the amazing furbabies and beans that we have met. We Love you all!

Hugs and Purrs!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Window Wars

Window Wars

Hi, it's me Miss Billie again with a some funny and silly things to report.

It was warmer this morning and I found a nice cool spot on the glass topped coffee table to rest. I then watched Cricket and Toeshee compete for the only window that opens easily in the living room. (Cody went upstairs to find a window because he does not like to fight.)

It's hard to say who won window wars. Cricket jumped in it first, but she didn't stay long. Then Toeshee hopped in, but he wanted Nom noms, so he left too. Doesn't he have big feet?

Cricket will say she won. She knows how to get her way with a hiss and a thwap. I will go along with that because us girls must stick together.

Now, all is quiet. Momma will do some visiting and try to figure out a way to avoid making dinner. (don't tell anyone, it's her secret with me. She hates making dinner!)

We hope you all have a happy last week of July.

Hugs and Purrs~

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Goodnight My Angel

Goodbye to a very sweet kitty

Hi everyone. It's me Miss Billie here to say goodbye to Sugar, who has passed away to the Rainbow Bridge.
She was very loved by her Mommy Kellykat. My Momma has leaking eyes, just thinking of how much this must hurt. The VET who treated her didn't think she was in any pain or distress when she passed, which is how I think all of us would want to move on.
I will spend the day quietly, napping and giving Momma headbutts and purrs before she gives me my nom noms.

We hope Love and Beauty and Sweetness will be a part of all of your lives

Gentle Hugs and Purrs
~Miss Billie and the Twilight's Muse kitties and momma

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Broken Internets Again!

The Case of the Missing Internet!

Our internet disappeared again on Friday afternoon. Momma was glad that she was able to post and visit before it went away.
By the time the Daddyman came home it was gone again! This morning it came back and we hope it stays this time!

Momma Lorianna here: Our internet provider shares the telephone poles with the local phone company and works out of their building downtown. Somehow literally or figuratively wires were crossed and we lost the ability to get online. What I don't understand is how I was able to get online earlier on Friday after it was down the first time and then what happened to it after I got offline and later that day? Weird...
Anyway, a repairman finally came out yesterday, determined the problem and gave it to the phone company to fix since they caused the problem in the first place. That of course meant the problem wasn't fixed until this morning.

So now we can blog and visit again! :)

Toeshee says: Yay! I was getting bored Momma!

Hugs to everyone!~

Friday, July 17, 2009

Black Cats On Friday

Black Cat Friday

Hello everyone. Cricket here to give my update. We lost our internet for a couple of days, but the Daddyman helped the man at the company figure out what was wrong. Now, we have lots of visiting to do!

We were tagged by Amy and her House of Cats and The Kewl Kitty Crew to post the 6th picture from our 6th folder. Finally Momma remembered! Only, the folder had just 4 pictures. So, she chose the last one. It's Cody outside last August with Momma on our front porch. He can go out at night if Momma is with him. He doesn't like it, but, those are the rules.

Toeshee and I got in a minor scuffle this morning. I settled it with a loud hiss and a good thwap! Momma hadn't had enough coffee yet to get involved.

This weekend will be cloudy and chilly. It's like that right now. After Momma gets our Nom Noms at the grocery store, she will probably just clean and read. Us kitties will nap of course.

We hope you all have a great weekend and I hope all you kitties find something naughty to do!

Hugs!~ Cricket

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Billie is 14!

I am now 14!

Hi everyone! It's just me Billie catching some morning rays in the kitchen. Whenever it's sunny, that is where you'll find me in the mornings.
Momma says I remind her of Maddie Hayes from that old Moonlighting show because of the soft glowing light around me. That is how they always filmed the actress that played Maddie.
She used to love that show when it first came on. She didn't like the way it ended and thought they did a disservice to the characters. Now, she feels old thinking about it!
I am not old. I turned 14 this weekend just like Handsome Adan and Handsome Mickey. We are all nice, well mannered cats. We are the reflective Moon children of the Zodiac. :)
Momma is bummed because her blood work shows that the RA monster is getting more aggressive. The doctor thinks it's because of stress. Her root canal and other stuff... She must stay on her shots that make her tummy upset. She was walking like a little old lady all weekend.
Us kitties were nice and didn't laugh though. It's important to be patient with the one that feeds you. (even if it did take forever for her to open a can of tuna for me for my Birthday treat.)
We are still waiting for summer like weather. It feels more like May than July.
Can someone from the South send us some heat please? :)

We hope you are having a great week so far. We will try to visit throughout the week. Hugs!

~Billie~ "happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me..."

Friday, July 10, 2009

Nautiness Abounds!

Naughty Kitty Awards

The first nominee in the Naughty Kitty Awards is Cricket. She peed on the big blue (ugly) recliner again. Fortunately I put a plastic garbage bag on it and covered it with a towel, (Hey keep it classy!) so the poor towel was the loser in that round.

The second nominee is Toeshee with his continued abuse of that poor doorway and his pouncing on and biting poor Cody.

Cody gets an honorable mention for sneaking outside a couple of nights ago and making me hunt him down in the dark front yard with no shoes on.

And the winner of The Naughtiest Kitty Award is... It's a tie between Cricket and Toeshee! Would either of you like to give an acceptance speech?

"We plead the fifth, Momma!"

Cricket however would like to add; "Join the dark side and be naughty! We have cookies!"

Momma Lorianna says; "I think after I clean the house I'm taking a nap!"

Hugs everyone~ <3

Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Day After The Booms

Fourth of July/Midsummer

Hi everyone! It's Billie and Cody the older kitties of the house here! Last night was loud! Here are Cody and I chilllaxin' with nip before the sun sets.
When it became dark all the booming started. It is still going on a little bit today. Momma says it's just kids. The really loud ones last night were shot off over the river downtown.

We are really hoping for warmer weather this week. Last week felt like Fall. Momma was ready to get out the Halloween decorations! Today she needs the Daddyman to help her drag the hose around and water the plants.

Her tummy feels better as long as she takes the medicine for it. Her hurty tooth is better, but her jaw is just a little bit owie. She sees a doctor about that next month. This week she has three doctor appointments, so she is going to do her best to keep up with visiting and blogging.

Us kitties are glad we don't have to go to the V E T that much! We plan to spend the week in windows catching breezes and eating Fancy Feast. Momma bought two packages of Party Mix and she hopes we can make it last the week. Fat chance Momma! (hee hee!)

We hope you all have a great early July week!

Hugs~ Miss Billie and Cody

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Toeshee the homewrecker/woodpecker cat


Hi! Toeshee here! Momma says I should be ashamed for what I did to the woodwork. She doesn't know how to fix it and can't always stop me in time when I'm doing it. I just love sharpening my claws!
See me practicing my ashamed look? Pretty good huh?
Momma says I'm lucky I'm cute.

We hope everyone will have a happy weekend. Cody will let you know how is coping with the 4th of July. He hates fireworks!

We all send hugs!~