Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Cricket didn't want to wear the teddy bear witch hat either. :) She had fun playing with it though!
She also liked posing with the beanie baby kitty. I guess she wasn't in the mood to be spooky. When I took the picture yesterday afternoon it was sunny and quiet. Cricket was in a good mood and seemed to really want to pose. I love that first picture of her. She's so pretty!

Billie, Cody, Cricket, and Toeshee and I would like to wish everyone a very Happy Halloween! Indulge in a treat and find something fun to watch. Kids can't have all the fun!

Halloween Hugs! <3

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered

This is Billie's costume for the Halloween Floof costume contest. Scotchy's Mommy, Kelly did the hat and wig on computer so I wouldn't have to annoy poor Billie with attempting to put anything on her.
I wish my kitties liked to wear "fashions" like Daisy. Her Mommie must have so much fun and Daisy really does look like she's enjoying it too!

I told Billie she looks like Samantha from my favorite old tv show Bewitched.
She just wanted to know if there were enough Party Mix Treats for Halloween. Yes, there are, but can all 4 kitties wait until tomorrow?

I'm trying to get a new spooky picture of Cricket, but so far all I get is pouting. I may have to bribe her. I think she's upset because my daughter's friends have been popping in all week for various Halloween activities. Last night they went to a zombie "zomb". They shot zombies with Nerf guns.
The night before the museum had a costume party swing dance and it was only $3.00 to get in. Tonight there is a zombie walk downtown. Whew! I wish I had the energy of a teenager. Tomorrow night is a dance at school. So, the kids will meet here and gather, and then leave for their fun. Cricket hates to have HER home invaded with people who are not HER family.

It is still rather chilly here. Brr! I have been battling flares and my joints hurt so much! I'm walking like a zombie! Last night was the second night in a row that I have had a fever. I don't have time for this! I have been managing to avoid making dinner, which is nice. (for me anyway) Frozen meals are so convenient. Husband grumbles, but hopefully he'll get over it. (that or dare I hope he will plan meals and go grocery shopping?) :)

Billie is still eating better. Not huge amounts, but she is tiny. Grooming her hip area is still a challenge, but I resorted to cutting out a knot a few days ago and she seemed to appreciate it. Her fur is soft and the dry air is making it staticky and fly away. The fatty tumor growth has not changed. (I hate the word tumor.) So, all in all she is hanging in there better than I had thought she would be a few weeks ago. I was really preparing for the worst and just so afraid... Thank You All for all of your Purrs and Prayers and Good Wishes.
All of that good energy going out worked and I hope it returns to You All in abundance!

I hope everyone is ready for Halloween! We have Hershey Bars, Reeses Peanut Butter Cups, and Kit Kat Bars. What do you plan on passing out?


Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Spare Me The Scare and Pass The Treats!

Dawn follows and Nights grow old
and all the while this curious cat
Lies crouching on the Chinese mat
With eyes of satin rimmed with gold
~ Oscar Wilde~

Cody is waiting for t
rick or treaters, well, practicing waiting anyway.
Usually on Halloween night he is hiding in the house nice and safe away from all of those scary kids and their stomping feet.
He doesn't like Halloween because of all the loud children, doesn't like the 4th of July because of the booming fireworks and he hates garbage trucks and thunderstorms. I guess Cody is the true definition of "scaredy cat."
He's just so sweet and mild mannered though. A true gentlemancat. :)

It's very cold here. Billie has been snoozing all day in the bathroom. I think if there were room for a cot I would join her! It's cozy warm in there.
I hope everyone is having a great week so far!


Sunday, October 26, 2008

Water Bowls Are For Wimps, or "I's in Your Sink, Not Doin' Your Dishes" ,

Every time we turn the kitchen sink on here he comes: Toeshee the water loving kitty! The only time he doesn't like water is when it's being squirted at him from the "holy water" bottle when he's naughty.

It doesn't matter if there are dishes in the sink even, he just has to get in the sink. When he's being a bit of a pest, we will turn the water on for a minute so Cody can get away from him. :)

He's a special needs kind of cat. Sigh...

Oh, by the way; he broke my beautiful angel lamp the other day. I loved that lamp... He's darn lucky he's cute and I love him more! ( little goober....)

It's another chilly rainy night here. I refuse to acknowledge the weather forecast and I will not repeat that nasty "s" word. It's only October!

I hope the week is happy for everyone!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Sad Update

Dear Ninja had to be helped to the Bridge. The cancer in her lungs affected her esophagus and affected her breathing and swallowing terribly. Her Mommy, Brenda just didn't want her to suffer anymore. Many of us have sadly been there...

You can leave condolences at the Cat Blogosphere Blog if you would like. Brenda seems like a really nice lady and I'm sad that we didn't really get to know Ninja. She is happy and safe now with all of our fur babies who have gone before. Say hi to Pixie and Tookie sweet kitty.

Another Sweet Kitty

Ninja and her Mommy Brenda live in Canada. I learned about her after she left a comment and I followed up on the cat blogosphere blog. They do not have a blog, but Mommy Brenda has been posting updates at the CBB.
Today Ninja is going to the Vet to find out what is making her so sick. If it is cancer, Mommy Brenda will help her to the Rainbow Bridge. I pray that it is not.
Brenda says that Ninja is her heart. They sleep together every night. This just breaks my heart. I know exactly what she is going through.
Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers.

Love and Hugs <3

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Do Not Disturb: Bathroom is Occupied

"The trouble with cats is that they've got no tact."
~P.G. Wodehouse

The idea of privacy in the bathroom is lost on cats. Now, Billie will just patiently wait while I lay down a soft towel for her to nap on. Toeshee however loves sinks. He will happily curl up, oblivious to the fact that I want to brush my teeth. Then, because he is just so cute I will then patiently wait until he is done. :)
Wait until I show you the pics of him in the kitchen sink! :0

Happy Tuesday!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Helpful Cody And Purring Billie

My fingers are back to about 80% functioning. For the past few days they were swollen, very stiff and very painful. They also want to curve inward towards my palms. I could not get anything done! It was so frustrating to not be able to type, or do crafts, or even tending to my kitties. Luckily, they were patient and waited for as long as it took for me to pop open cans or pour crunchies. As you can see Cody actually helps himself.

Every time we get a new bag of dry cat food, he and Cricket tag team the bag and rip open a cat head size hole into it. But, after it's open, Cody is the only one who will eat out of it. Weird...

Billie is eating well. Nibbling here and there and napping. The growth on her back has not changed and is still pretty small. The Vet believes it to be a fatty tumor, but still is offering a biopsy. Yesterday though we spent $50.00 on Frontline to treat everyone for fleas. They were all scratching and I was combing out flea dirt from them. Between the flea treatment, Billie's check ups, Toeshee's hoohaectomy... well, ouch! Billie is doing pretty well. Her eating and drinking are fairly normal and compared to over a week ago she's improved a lot. It's almost as if she knew that I needed her around and she wanted to be around. She's 13 and as long as she's not in pain and seems happy I won't tamper with her. Right now, she's on my lap purring. She seems more affectionate now. I think she understands my worry for her. My sweet little "Wee wee." :)

Well, my fingers are stiffening up a bit and it's going to take forever to visit blogs. I realized I have so much trouble getting around visiting and say hi because I tend to write little books in everyone's comments. I'm actually very shy, but when I'm writing I become quite talkitive. No wonder my fingers hurt! :)
I hope I don't flare up so badly again. I'm ready to try a new medicine for this stupid RA.
Ok, enough typing and complaining. I will try to get around this weekend and coming week.
I hope everyone is having a good weekend!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My Middle Child

Cricket: She pouts, she sulks, she pees on things when she's mad, she asks for affection and then spurns you when she's had enough. She is around 6 years old and is my problem child.

Toeshee is the kitten that gets away with things because he's little and cute. He's the baby of the family. Cody and Billie are the calm, easy going eldest.

I can read Cricket's moods like a book. With her little sighs, exasperated "puffing" sounds and the flick of the crooked tip of her long tail she speaks volumes. She is the tough, "don't mess with me" chic that any woman can't help but admire. The other cats have a healthy respect and maybe even a little fear of her.

She's been hanging around more downstairs with me during the day lately. She naps on the sofa, swats Toeshee if he gets too close and quietly observes me fussing over Billie and going about my chores. I enjoy her quiet company and her intense green eyed gaze. She's not snuggly and she will never like Toeshee, but she's a good kitty.

She's my sleek and shiny Noodlelicious. :)

Monday, October 13, 2008

October Roses and Happier Kitties

Billie had a very good weekend! She didn't go under the sofa once and nibbled away on her food daintily, yet thoroughly. She sunbathed on the sunny back porch and we all enjoyed the unusually warm weather.
She's still sleeping a lot and I think that's just part of getting older along with her health issues. She also makes time to sit on my lap for a little bit every day. That makes me happy. :) Thank You so much for sending Purrs and Prayers. I'm sure that positive healing energy helped!

I'm still pretty worried of course. I wish animals didn't get sick...

I took some pictures of some roses that are still blooming in my yard and Cody, my gardening buddy came with me. He loves the warm sunshine as much as I do. He's so sweet.

I slept a lot this weekend and even today I went for a nap in the afternoon. I have been so tired and I hate it. I can't get anything done! Especially blog visiting. :( I hope I snap out of this soon. Maybe it's the stress.

Well, here it is almost 8:45 pm all ready. I am hoping to get caught up on my visiting. I have to tell you all about Cricket sometime this week too. She's has middle child syndrome, but I think her and I have become closer because of it.

I will see you all soon. Hugs from me and my kitties! <3

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Billie Is Eating and Toeshee is Still... Toeshee

Billie had a good day today! She ate little meals throughout the day and left her spot under the sofa to sleep in the sun on our enclosed back porch. It has southern exposure and warms up nicely and it helped that it was in the mid 60's today. Right now she is sleeping in the cat carrier that we use to give Toeshee time outs in. It has a nice soft towel and her pink nip pillow that I made her. She is in the family room with us, but has her own private space.
I have noticed she is moving more slowly now that the arthritis has been pointed out. It is in her hips. I can sympathize. Hip pain is so uncomfortable and has sidelined me many times. She never complains though, until I start to comb and brush around them. I can't blame her. I think everyone's purrs and prayers are working as far as her eating. I don't know if she'll gain any weight, but hopefully she can maintain it and not lose more. She's barely 5 pounds. Toeshee is close to 7! He's almost 7 months old and we're wondering how big he is going to be.

He is so, so naughty still! He jumps into the sink even when it has dirty dishes in it and tries to drink the "spooty" water. He will actually scale the backdoor frame and using his front legs for strength and all of his claws he will make it almost to to the top which is over 8 feet tall! He is an adorable and exhausting kitty. We have some moments of Momma /kitty bonding, but I am having a hard time connecting with him. I think it's just the kitten phase and as long as he gets affection and knows he is loved Toeshee will become a nice kittyboy. (I hope!)

It's hard to divide my time between four kitties a teenage girl and a husband who comes home tired and cranky from work. I feel as if I'm pulled in so many directions, and I wonder where the hours of the day go.

Well, Billie and I are still taking one day at a time. ...Oh, I just got up a minute ago and she wanted toe eat again! Yay Billie! (actually all 4 wanted nom noms) :)

I have so many blogs to visit. I just want to thank everyone for their kind thoughts and comments. I am so worried about losing Billie, or any of my kitties. They are what keeps me going because they need me.

We send you hugs and purrs!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Billie Update

Oh my! Billie and I are overwhelmed with the kindness you have all shown us.
She wishes she wasn't always the kitty who gets sick in the family as do I. :(
She ate much better last night and today. She's not a big eater, but I'm relieved that she's eating. She has no interest in dry food, not even her Party Mix. Right now she is sleeping along side me on the sofa (not under as she had been). I think she senses that I am worried about her. She is still testy about being touched a lot, but she got on my lap and allowed me to lightly comb her. If I can just get her to keep eating then maybe that will be half the battle. The Vet said if she absolutely refuses the special diet food, then just let her eat her Fancy Feast. So far the Fancy Feast is winning, but I'm sneaking in special diet and making sure there are lots of water bowls around the house.
I am facing another kitty's mortality and I'm hating it. I went through it with my Tookie too. Every morning when I wake up and she's still here and wanting to eat and rub against my ankle is a victory.
So, for now, no sub q's , as long as she's eating. The Vet said she doubts the growth will grow and when I touch it Billie doesn't seem to notice.

I think there's a reason why I have Billie. She's always been a sickly little girl and is not always easy to groom because she has a terrible temper. I'm a very patient Momma, which I think is just who she needed.

I'm very thankful for all of your Purrs and Prayers. The Cat Blogosphere community is just so wonderful. I wish I had known about it when I lost Tookie. I still have not gotten over her, and caring support means so much.

I remember when Miss Peach was so sick around this time last year and she pulled through wonderfully (Thank Goodness!) I am hoping Billie bounces back and can just continue to age gracefully and if not in perfect health, then at least comfortable. I guess that's what most of us hope for with ourselves and with everyone we love.

I will keep you posted. Hugs from Miss Billie and me. <3

Monday, October 6, 2008


My heart is heavy with worry and sadness. Billie is sick. She has several issues. Her kidneys are not functioning properly, she has arthritis in her hips and she has lost some weight. A small tumor was also found on her back. I felt it when she was on my lap last week. The Vet says her immune system and age and small size do not make it easy for her. She has never been the healthiest of kitties and it is thought that she came from a mother that had just been over bred, perhaps even some in breeding. We are in a wait and see and make her comfortable mode now. My husband is concerned about how much it would cost treatment wise. The vet says the tumor looks like a very common benign one and offered to biopsy. She said we could decide what we want to do and to let her know. She knows my husband doesn't want to put a lot of money down after just paying for Toeshee and before that Cody.
Billie is sleeping a lot and will eat a little at a time if I bring it to her. I think Wednesday was her last good day before she started going under the sofa to sleep. She lets me pet her and purrs and in the evenings will come to sit by me on the sofa. The arthritis explains why she has been extra testy with me when I brush her. The Vet does not think it would be a good idea to sedate her to shave her. Maybe if we can get her weight up. It's hard to tell with cats just how much discomfort they are in. She seems content, just irritable and tired. She is on special diet and we have to make sure she is drinking enough water. If she stops eating and drinking we will have to do "sub q".
I have been through this before with Tookie.

I have not been sleeping well and worry has sent me into an RA flare. So, husband says, no more cats. They just cause me heartbreak and the stress is not good for me. I know he means well. He never had pets that he bonded with as a child. He likes my cats, but they are not "kids" like they are to me.
When he was a little boy his dog was hit by a car. His father, "put her out of her misery" by shooting her. They lived in the country and I guess that's how they handled things like that. I'm glad my husband realizes that that's just awful and would never do that!

So, here we are, Billie and me taking one day at a time, watching and waiting and wishing life wasn't so cruel. I am figuring out how to save some pennies just in case she needs the fluids and hopefully the tumor truly is benign.

I have not been blog visiting much, but maybe during the week I can pop by.
I'm saving my tears for when I am by myself. If Billie is ready to go I know, like Tookie, she will let me know. I am just so tired of saying goodbye...

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Hey, Momma, Turn On The Heat!

Well, it's the 1st of October and we are cold. Cricket is upstairs sleeping in the bed. Billie is trying to curl up on my lap as I type and Toeshee is actually resting. Cody is sleeping on the enclosed porch, avoiding Toeshee.

Nothing much is going on. I need to do some cleaning, :( figure out what to do for dinner, and pick up some things at the store. None of that sounds fun.
I want to turn on the furnace so my fingers can warm up and my joints can loosen up a bit. We are trying to put off turning on the heat to save some money, but I'm so uncomfortable! Maybe just for a little bit? Must be nice to be floofy, Billie. :)

My daughter has a sinus infection from her head cold. She's on an antibiotic and hopefully will feel better soon.

I hope to take some new pictures soon. It seems like the kitties are only acting silly or cute when my camera is unavailable. (stinkers!)

I'm thinking of buying something naughty to eat when I go to the store. I really want something sweet to have with a cup of tea. I have lost a little weight, so it's ok, right? Yup, I will turn on the heat, have something yummy with a cup of tea and think of it as a reward for cooking and cleaning. ;)
Of course, I can't do anything until Billie gets off of my lap. Um, Billie...
Never mind, she's snoring.
Have a Happy Day!