Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Ready For Their Close ups

Busy Weekend

My goodness, it's Tuesday already! Between helping my daughter get ready for Prom, helping my husband tame the jungle that is our yard and then having an upset tummy, I have had a not very relaxing long weekend.
But, seeing my daughter Sam and her boyfriend Kevin all dressed up, was so fun! They wanted pictures with and without their glasses. I think they are adorable either way. :) He is a very nice young man. He really likes Toeshee and is kind to all my kitties and is crazy for my daughter. He's very polite too.

I played with the zoom on my camera and got a nice close up of Toeshee. Look at his huge paws! I wonder if he is going to grow any more?

I am still a little queasy and my hips are really sore. I am going to try to visit and catch up with everyone as much as I can. I hope a happy week is had by all! (((Hugs)))

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Cricket Here...

Cricket in the sun. Kitties putting up with Momma.

Hello, Cricket here. (That's what my Voki says too) I have been enjoying the sunbeams coming in the windows. I get all warm and relaxed. It has been very nice here the past couple of days. Yesterday it was 85! Today, maybe low 80's. Momma loves it! Us kitties do too.

We wanted to show what Momma does while she is waiting for pictures to load on Blogger. She takes more pictures, if we happen to be around that is.
Billie actually let her put the witch hat on her the other day. Momma had been trying to get her to wear that thing all last October for Halloween and Billie would have none of it! Well, after cleaning the living room, Momma found it again and put it on Billie while she rested on Momma's lap.

has been pestering to go outside and so Momma took him out yesterday. He helped her plant sunflower and moonflower and morning glory seeds. When she drags him in he gets very grumpy. Toeshee is just plain lazy and I'm not giving him any more blog time today because he is a big ham!
I however am content to relax in the sun inside. I find the light very flattering.

Today is the Teenagergirl's last day of High School ever! Momma is feeling a little OLD. I told her as long as she can feed us and fawn over us (especially me) she is still useful.

I am going upstairs now to nap on my king size bed. Hey, it's mine during the day! We hope your weather is nice. Now, let's be naughty kitties!


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Fancy Cats

Silly Boy Cats and a glamorous gown

Toeshee now fills up the entire bathroom sink! I took some pictures and then my husband took some from the doorway. He likes to play peek a boo with Toeshee and hear him make these cute little chirping noises at him.

Cody has a crooked halo while reading the comics. (it's actually my bracelet) :) I don't know if he's reading Get Fuzzy or Garfield. Cody is such a sweet kitty, so I don't think in reality his halo would be crooked.

Shhh... I went into my daughter's room, (which is a disaster area, by the way!) and took a picture of her prom dress. The picture doesn't do it justice. Hopefully I can get a nice picture of her in it on Saturday.

My fingers have been swollen and stiff for the past few days. Typing is actually kind of hard right now. I will rest them a bit and then try visiting later today. So many wonderful blogs and so little time!

Hugs from me and the Kitties!~

Friday, May 15, 2009

Meow a little purrayer for you

Say a little Purrayer

Hi everybody! It's me Miss Billie. Could you purray for my friend Praline? She has been sick with a fever and her VET says it's from stoopid fleas!
Her Mommy Paula is very worried of course and she is not feeling well herself. My Momma will light a candle for them and for anyone else who needs it too. Just let us know!
I seem to have allergies. I am sneezy, but not stuffed up and I am enjoying my Fancy Feast and treats just fine. Cricket's eye was inflamed and Momma put some goo stuff in it and now it's better. Momma says our pollen count is high and she is sneezy too. I thought the bumbly bees took care of the pollens? Hmm...
Anyway, Momma is all worried and fretting over everyone. She gets herself all worked up. You know how mommas are.
You can purray for my sneezies and Cody's hairball and Cricket's eye too, if you would like. We are always thankful for happy thoughts. Also, we are super thankful that Miss Peach is feeling better! Yay! :)

Please feel better Sweet Praline and Mommy Paula!


Thursday, May 14, 2009

Kitty Faces

Pretty Award, Sleepy Day , Grumpy Faces

Last night was very noisy. Thunderstorms rolled through with really bright, frequent lightning. Before they came in Cricket and I had a hard time sleeping due to the Daddyman's snoring. She was pretty funny. She likes to sleep on my legs and she kept sitting up to glare at him and then turning around to settle in. Every once in a while she would heave a sigh too. :)
Today we are all sleepy. That was our first loud storm of the season. Today it is very windy, but the sun is out. I saw our little tuxie friend Monday night, but not again since then. Maybe he does have a home. I hope so.
I have still been putting food out, but now I'm wondering, who is eating eat? :)
Not too much is going on here. I'm getting better at giving myself shots. The Methotrexate still makes me queasy and tired though. I do get a little relief from it a few days afterwards, but by Wednesday I'm back to the usual pain and stiffness. I think it's just going to take some time to take full effect.
We found a lovely prom dress for my daughter at a consignment shop. It's not poufy and pastel like many of them. She wanted something different. It's satin antique gold with a halter neckline. It's long and straight to the ankles. Maybe I can sneak in her room and take a picture. ;) The theme of their prom is At Last; 1930's and 40's. Her gown is very old Hollywood glamour. It's kinda exciting! Well, for me anyway... :)
Mo gave me such a pretty award. I always have a hard time deciding who to pass it to. Let's see... How about Little Cat Feet; Shaggy, Scooby and Scout. Their Mommy is helping a kitty and her kittens, so she deserves a nice award.
Jelly Bean and Chester's Mommy has had a rough few months and has moved back into her old home. They couldn't take Bear with them. She needs a pretty award too.
But, I think I would also like anyone who thinks this award is pretty and would like to pass it along should take it too. A teacup of roses, how pretty! Thank you Mo!
Hugs everyone!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Cakes and Kitties and Nip= Tired

Busy weekend.

Toeshee is worn out. He played with a cat dancer and toy mice dipped in really potent nip today. They were pressies from his friends JB and Chester. I think Toeshee might have a crush on JB! ;) Cody thought Praline was pretty, but I told him to get in line because she has lots of suitors. I think it's cute that kitties are matched up in the cat blogosphere. We should all have some silly fun sometimes.

Yesterday we went to see the new Star Trek movie for my husband's birthday. It was a pretty good movie. The Imax theatre was a bit loud, but the big screen was cool.
My daughter got a really, really nice bike. She will use it to go to the community college which is a few blocks away and probably ride it to the nearby library and coffee shop. It's nice to have everything so close.
I'm happy to report that the cake I made turned out nicely. It's just an old fashioned chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream frosting. Very good with Earl Grey Tea.

Now, the cute tuxie kitty! We can't figure out if the kitty is a boy or girl. It would be rude to grab and lift the tail and I didn't want to scare the kitty away. I haven't seen my new friend since I took the pictures on Friday. The food I set out is being eaten, but I'm worried. I have been able to pet the kitty and he, or she tips and rolls for me when I say hello. It's hard to not get attached. But, I can't have another kitty. If he or she comes around again, we may just put up a few found signs and hope the nearby no "you know what" shelter isn't full. Sadly, in this economy many people give their pets up and many shelters are full. Maybe the tuxie has a home and just goes out to play. She or he wasn't super skinny. I guess I'll find out at some point. I just hope my new friend is okay.

I will be hopping around to visit blogs as much as I can this week.
Lots of Hugs from us!~

Friday, May 8, 2009

Billie In The Window

Quiet Afternoons.

Hi everyone! Billie here, to say, I finally got the window! I was very excited so Momma took my picture. Usually the other kitties get in it and I am the last to have a chance. So, while I'm waiting I fall asleep. I like to sleep on momma's lap when she's on her laptop. She puts it on the sofa and sits on the floor so I can rest on her legs. If she looks uncomfortable it's because her legs fell asleep and her feet were tingly. She hates to wake me, but when she just can't stand the leg asleep thing anymore, she asks me if I want Fancy Feast. I know those words by the way!

She will be very busy this weekend baking a birthday cake for the Daddyman and the Teenagergirl. They have the same birthday on May 10. Momma spent her birthday quietly on Wednesday with us in the afternoon. The Daddyman took her out to breakfast for her birthday and gave her a bookstore card and pretty papers for her crafting. She does not like to celebrate her birthday much.

We had visitors in our yard last night. Momma is going to try to take pictures of them, but they are very shy. There was a tuxie kitty that was pretty friendly and a little black cat who acted like he never knew the kindness of a loving hand. Momma left food out for them. We get a little jealous, but as long as they don't come in I guess it's okay.

We hope you all have a happy weekend and a Purrfect Mother's Day!

Billie ~<3

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Spring is Truly Here!

Welcome Spring

Cody finally had a chance to wander with me outside. He was very happy. Well, until the garbage truck made its rounds. He freaked out! "Momma! Help!" I scooped him up and took him in. After a snack of Fancy Feast he felt much better. When the garbage truck monster left we went out again.
Right now the tulips and candy tuft are blooming in the front and bleeding hearts and Virginia blue bells in the east side and west side. I love the bleeding hearts. They are so delicate!

My big problem with the garden is the weeds. They are out of control! I'm not sure if you can tell from the picture, but my fingers and hands are a bit sore right now and getting up and down from weeding is really hard on my knees and hips. It will take me weeks to pull all the weeds and by the time I'm done the they'll be back again! I don't use chemicals because of all the birds and squirrels and stray kitties around and I do take Cody out with me too.
I feel so bad that I can't handle all the stuff around the house as easily as I used to.
I just need to tell myself that I'm on a slower time clock now. It will get done, just not all in one fell swoop. :) ;)

We are still sending out lots of thoughts and purrayers to all of our blogger friends in need. Lots of Hugs!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

A Morning In May

Snacking and Snoozing Saturday

Cody, Billie and Toeshee are giving an example of how to spend a Saturday. Hopefully, I can get some relaxation time in after grocery shopping today. I wish it would warm up a bit here. It may get to 60 today. 80 would be better.

I can't believe it's May already! I really hope this month is better for everyone. My kitties seem to be feeling pretty good, for that I am grateful. Billie could be eating a little more, but she sleeps a lot and eats fairly well in the evening. Toeshee is getting rather plump. He's still awfully cute though.
Cody is pestering me to take him out to wander around the yard, so I think I will have to do that this weekend. He can "help" me pull weeds.
And, Cricket is just being Cricket. Moody, quiet, and aloof until I go to bed.

I hope everyone has a really nice, relaxing weekend and everyone who has been feeling sick feels better. We are purring for you! <3