Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Waiting For The New Year

Hanging Around and Waiting for The New Year

Toeshee is such a man's mancat sometimes. He loves to wrestle and play fetch with Nerf gun darts. Maybe someday he will be Momma's little couch potato. :) Right now, he likes being the daddy's buddy.

I have been having just the worst RA flares since Christmas. My rib cage cartillage has been really inflamed. I have been taking a lot of pain reliever and resting. Today is the first day of several that I can sit upright and get some things done. I'm tired of it...

Did anyone else get the nasty winds this weekend? Ours came in late at night and while wide awake in bed I watched bright flashes of light from my window. My husband thinks they were electical wires snapping apart. There were lots of power outages the next day.
Saturday afternoon it rained and the temps rose into the 60's. That felt nice!
Nature is such a tease sometimes.

I hope everyone is looking forward to a Happy and Healthy New Year. I will do my best to start my visiting again. "Stoopid" flares!

The kitties and I send love and Purrs!

Friday, December 26, 2008


Pressies from Uncle Mo!

A package arrived from Uncle Mo of It's a Blog Eat Blog and Purrchance to Dream. He lives south of us in Michigan. Momma opened it and bedlam ensued. :)
The boys stuck their noses in first, of course. Pushy boys!
Cody impaled the Nip bag with his teeth and claws and got buzzed big time.
Toeshee couldn't decide what toy to play with first. There was a fuzzy white mouse, that Billie really took a liking too. Momma sprinkled nip onto newspaper for us all to roll around in.
But, I Cricket, held back until the other ruffians were finished and napping. I do not play well with other kitties. Momma played with me with the fishie on the pole and I enjoyed that. Later, I dragged it off because any toy attached to a string is mine!
We all would like to thank Uncle Mo for the wonderful goodies. We are enjoying them and Momma is enjoying watching us play with them.
Our wish is that every animal could have a safe warm home with treats, and toys and love. Imagine...
Hugs to all! <3

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

We Wish You A Meowy Christmas!

Meowy Christmas!

From Billie, Cody, Cricket, Toeshee and Momma Lorianna; Merry, Happy Christmas and a Very Blessed New Year.
We will show you all of the cool goodies we got from Uncle Mo after Momma uploads all of the action shots.

We sure do Love all of our Bloggie Friends!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Look Who Has The Goodies!

Look who has the goodies!

Hee hee! Momma let me nap next to the special kitty Christmas stocking because I am being good. The other kitties will probably get something for the holidays, but for now I am the guardian of the stocking.
It is very cold and snowy here. Momma was sick for a few days with a flare up in her ribs and hips. She managed to feed us though. :) We will only accept stinky goodness from her. Today she is trying to get caught up on chores and stuff. I am napping all curled up in the old blue chair by the heat register. Cricket peed in it, so Momma had to clean it and scrub it before I could sleep in it again. We think Cricket has mental problems, so Momma is trying to be patient with her. She loves us all very much!

We know we have lotsa blog visiting to do and we are very behind with what is going on with every one. We hope your Holiday week is very happy and we will see you soon!

Love Billie <3

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Naughtiness Before Christmas!

Naughtiness Before Christmas

These three have been really ramping up the naughtiness lately. Yes, even mild and mellow Cody.
Toeshee has been chewing on the tree needles every chance he gets. His squirt bottle of Holy water is getting a workout! He's still jumping on the other kitties, though not as often. He still is rather violent when he does it though. He is very aggressive when he is being restrained from bad behavior. This morning my daughter grabbed him before he could run out the front door when my husband put the mail out. He sunk his claws into her and left a nasty puncture wound in her wrist. We cleaned it out and put antibiotic ointment on it. She actually cried because it hurt! :( Now, we must watch for infection. I hope it doesn't come to that. She said she wishes she hadn't brought Toeshee here now. :( He is so hard to deal with sometimes!

Cricket peed on a little quilted bag that I keep some decorative crafting papers in. She had been angry because she and Toeshee were wrestling in the living room and we had to break it up. Then she went into the room where I store my crafting supplies and I scooted her out so I could close the door to keep the drafts down. Well, Cricket hates to be told what to do. The next time that door was opened she managed to find the time to pee on my bag. I had to throw out a lot of the papers, including a really pretty sparkly one. The bag is now drip
drying after being sprayed with Spot Shot.

Cody gave me quite the bit of worry the other day. He got outside when my daughter came home. She said one second he was there and the next gone.
I looked out all of the windows, opened the doors and called for him. It was so cold! Just when I was ready to bundle up and venture out he came to the back door. "Cody
, get your fuzzy butt in here!"
He knew that tone. "Oh, oh! Momma's mad!" He turned away! I calmed down and said sweetly, "Cody honey, come on. Are you hungry?"
It worked. He sauntered in and I firmly shut the door. "Don't you ever scare me like that again buster!"
Cody gave me that fake contrite look as he happily munched on his food.

I swear when Sandy Claws comes, Billie is the only one who is getting treats and nip!

Sigh... I feel better now. Venting done. :)
Hugs to all, even the naughty ones!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Floof and Faeries

Floof and Faeries

Such pretty little ladies, my Billie and the wee faerie in the tree. Billie kept me warm last night as I sipped tea. Her soft fur felt comforting beneath my crooked little fingers.
Things have been hectic, with shopping for pressies and battling extreme fatigue and mild dizziness and queasiness. I have not had any time to get on my computer at all. My husband's power supply broke and now he is using mine. He says he will order a new one, but so far we are sharing. You don't realize how quickly your battery runs out until you need to rely on it. :)
I do think I am slowly getting used to my new medicine. I do not like how tired it makes me though. Oh well, it's better than nothing right?

Doesn't Billie's little face look so sweet? She just loves chin scritchers.
She's about the same health-wise. I don't think much has changed, thank goodness. I get another Holiday with my "Weewee". :)

I will visit soon. Hugs!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Cricket's Weather Update and Other Thoughts

Cricket's Weather Update

It's white. It's cold. I do not see any birds. I do see squirrels. I do not like squirrels. They are sneaky and I think I hear them in our attic. Momma says it sounds like they are bowling with walnuts. I wonder what I would do if I came face to face with one? I think they might be vishuss. But, I am pretty tough too! Just ask Kittenzilla. Hee hee!

I have been busy watching over Momma while she power naps. I lie on her tummy and keep her warm. She is always very tired lately. As soon as she hits the bed and I join her, she is out. She calls me her nurse maid kitty. Sometimes she sings a song called Blackbird to me and calls me her "little blackbird" Considering I am a cat, this does not make sense, but I humor her.

This will be my 7th Christmas here. I came to my family in late November when the girl was 11 and now she is 17. Momma thinks my birthday is sometime in the spring.

Ahh spring! I can't wait for it to get warm enough to sit in the open windows again. Until then, I will nap with Momma, give Kittenzilla his much deserved whap-downs and plot against the vishuss squirrels.

I heard that 3 more kitties went to the Rainbow Bridge yesterday. I hope they are having lots of fun there, now that they are healthy again. I miss my sister Tookie. We used to share the bed. Don't worry Tookie. You have fun and be happy. I'll watch our Momma for you.

So, before I go; what do you see out your windows? I am curious as a cat can be about what other kitties do during the day and at night. Maybe it could be a meme sometime. "I spy out my window..."

See you soon!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Cody's S. A. D.

Kitty S. A. D.

I think Cody has Seasonal Affective Disorder. Remember, he is my gardening buddy and my front porch relaxing partner. Now, he is restless, and irritable. He snacks and naps and walks to the door and meows. "Hey Mom, shouldn't we be pulling weeds and walking around the yard and sitting in the sun? Hey, why is there a tree... Oh no, it's Winter again!?!"
Poor baby!
Yes, I know that sad little tree needs to be decorated. I hoping before Christmas. sigh...

I still think the flu shot gave me a touch of the flu. The Methotrexate made me queasy and weak and still very tired. I know it's job is to reset my immune system and in the process it's going to kill some white blood cells and just generally make me feel worse before I feel better. Gee, I hope so! I would hate to have to feel like this only to have it not stop the joint damage. There's a part of me that wonders if putting something so toxic in my body is not a good idea. But, to be able to function without pain is a goal I need to aim for. I miss looking forward to gardening and baking and well ,even getting out of bed is rather painful. I will give it a try. I can try the injectable method, which may be less "hurl" inducing. We shall see.

The kitties have of course been very patient. As long as they get food and attention they are happy. Stinky Goodness a few days ago was not fun to open! *o*
Billie seems to be a bit more tired. She eats fairly well in the morning and evening, but naps all day in between. She's never been a hyper cat and she is 13, so I will not worry much yet. She's due for a check up soon, so maybe the Vet will reassure me. She does seem to miss sunning on the enclosed back porch, so maybe she has a bit of S. A. D. too. I wonder how much those sunlight lamps cost?

I know I am so behind in visiting. Thank you all for visiting me. I just adore all of my bogosphere friends! Special Prayers and Purrs for Kelly. She is Scotchy, Sugar and Stryder's mommy. She is having major surgery today and will be very sore for awhile. Hugs Kelly!
Hugs to Everyone!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

A Note From Billie

Billie Says...

Please excuse my Momma for not visiting bloggies or updating ours. She has been sick for a few days. She had a upset tummy from her medicine and it sounded like maybe she had a hairball because she was making that sound kitty's make when they have one. She also had foo, symptoms?
What Momma? Oh, sorry. Flu symptoms from the shot they gave her. Friday night she was shaking so badly that I couldn't even stay on her lap and cuddle. I finally settled in behind her legs when she rested under a blanket on the sofa. I made her feel better, I am certain. :)
She misses everyone terribly and can't wait to feel better and make lots of time to visit.

We send Love and Purrs!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Just Watching The Seasons Change

Just Watching The Seasons Change

Autumn turns from golden and mild to winter's icy coat of frost and snow.
Cricket watches the seasons from the windows more than the other kitties do. Tookie did too. Cricket also seems to like an open window in the summer the best. I love an open window in the summertime too. I like the sounds of bugs called "Katy dids" (I think they are called that around here because that's what someone long ago thought that's what the noise they made sounded like?) By late July crickets, (not the Kitty), are chirping and if you listen closely you can he
ar bats making their high pitched squeaks.

I started a new medicine today. It's called Methotrexate. It is actually a low dose of a type of chemotherapy drug and it is supposed to help my immune system stop attacking my joints, cartillege and organs. We will see I guess. I took it this afternoon and I will have to take it every Wednesday now. Don't let me forget! ;) It made me queasy. Blah! Everything makes me queasy, I swear. My doctor also prescribed a new pain killer called Darvocet. I do not like it at all! It made my head swim for a few hours. I'll stick with Advil or Tylenol, hot baths, heating pads and naps. Maybe if I'm desperate I'll take it again, but yuck! I'm ditzy enough thanks. :)

So, that's it for our Wednesday. Cricket is upstairs, Billie has taken over the chair, Toeshee is sleeping under the sofa and Cody is curled up by my feet on the rug. Oh, this morning, Toeshee smacked Cricket on her butt. Big Mistake!
She whirled around and gave him a double paw whap! Wow, she is fast! I think she's been taking Martial Arts classes. Toeshee didn't know what him, poor little stinker.

I will visit soon ok? Hugs!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Growing Up!

Growing Up

Toeshee has not slept in the upstairs bathroom for two nights in a row! Remember we had to tuck him in up there at night so he wouldn't terrorize the other cats. Now, he is sleeping downstairs in the living room for half the night and on our bed with Cricket and Cody for the other half! And, he is being good! This is huge for us and him! I am so proud of him. Cody has helped in this new phase by figuring out that if he hides himself away to sleep in the evening Toeshee won't seek him out to rough house. It makes for a much calmer bedtime. He still will jump on Cody and bite when the mood strikes him, so I still have to keep an eye on them during the day. I wonder if the cold dark nights just have a sedating effect on the cats? I know they do with me.
I'm behind in visiting because I'm feeling a little under the weather. (RA flare and tummy troubles.) I will be playing catch up all week at this rate. I'm hoping after a hot bath and a hot cup of tea I will be feeling good enough to start blog visiting. I wonder if the low pressure system and really cold air set it off? Last winter was pretty rough too. Funny how easily I forget when it's nice and warm in the Summer. :)

My Kitties and I send You Hugs! (^;^)

Saturday, November 29, 2008

All We Want To Do Is Sleep.

All We Want To Do Is Sleep

Billie is ready for a long nap with Princess Hunny Bunny Holiday. I wouldn't mind one either. It's nearly 6:00 pm and it's dark. We did our grocery shopping earlier today and that took far too long. Everyone has been grazing on leftovers, so I think I can get away without cooking dinner. :) Toeshee has been trying to eat his weight in turkey. I think that comes out to around 8lbs. *o*

My daughter is hinting that she would like to get out tonight to the bookstore. But, I'm so tired! We were out yesterday at the mall. It wasn't as fearfully busy as i thought it would be. Still, it wiped me out. Out among people again?
I think curling up with Billie would be nicer.
And, I'm so behind on visiting my bloggie friends! I think the holidays throw some people off when they are trying to find time for blogging. I will try to get caught up though.

I hope everyone is having a good weekend. It's almost December, so I can officially count down to 4 months until Spring. :) My achy joints are counting down too. I can't wait to sit out in the warm sunshine and see my cute little plants beginning to sprout!

Hugs from me and my kitties! (^;^)

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday

"A plate is distasteful to a cat, a newspaper still worse; they like to eat sticky pieces of meat sitting on a cushioned chair or a nice Persian rug." ~
~Margaret Benson~

Cody managed to maintain some manners while this picture was taken. All bets were off when the turkey was served today though! Oh the strongly suggesting for food!
(Cat's Do Not Beg, they strongly suggest that you give them what they want!)
Even prim little Billie crawled into my lap for something yummy. I fed her out of my hand, bless her heart. :)

I hope everyone had a Happy Day, no matter what they did.
Hugs from me and the Kitties!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Cricket vs Toeshee

Cricket vs Toeshee

It started out innocently enough. Cricket plopped her curvy butt down on my daughter's artwork to look out the window. (ok, maybe her sitting on the artwork isn't exactly innocent) Toeshee has an incurable fascination with her. He's afraid, yet intrigued by her cool and tough attitude. He jumped up onto the end table to challenge her. Thank goodness he didn't send that lamp crashing to the floor!
Cricket does not like any cat in her space, especially Toeshee. She returned his stare with a "Do Not Mess With Me" glare. He made a little "eep!" sound, but didn't back down.
After that, I had to put the camera down as the wrestling match took off.
I think Cricket won because Toeshee crawled under the sofa and she took off in a huff upstairs. I try not to let these fights go too far, because Cricket has very sharp claws and she's has a bad temper to go with them.
Just another day at Lorianna's Crazy Cat House. :)

I managed to get my new wallpaper. The little cutest blog on the block sign covers my post titles though. I think I missed a step in the template changing process. I felt so silly asking Karla for help with something I should be able to figure out myself. Still, I did end up asking her why it still looked funny to me.
Sigh... She was very nice as always and encouraged me. At least I made an attempt to do it myself. It was a learning experience and trying it made me feel very brave. I was afraid I would blow my whole blog away! :)

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. If I don't have the chance to stop by, I want you all to have a wonderful holiday. And, if you are in Canada or England, or Tawain have a wonderful day too! :) You can overeat with us! And of course give the kitties and woofies the leftovers.
Hugs! (^;^)

Monday, November 24, 2008

I've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm

The snow is falling, but what do we care? We've got our love to keep us warm. :) That's paraphrasing a song that Billie Holiday sings. I have been hearing it a lot in bookstores and at the Starbucks where we get our groceries. I also have it on cd. I wanted to share it from you tube, but I couldn't upload it from them to my blog.
I knew we wouldn't stay snow free for much longer. Still, I had hope it would wait until after Thanksgiving. I guess I'll take a cue from the kitties and just snuggle up.
Well, after much debating I am going with #2 of the wallpapers. I like #1, but maybe it will be too dark. #3 is pretty dayglow. I like the color orange, so I think it will impart a nice sunny warmth. Thank you all for your input. That was nice! Now I have to tell Karla so she can help me. :)
I hope this week is nice for everyone and I will try to visit as much as I can.
Hugs from my kitties and me. (^;^)

Saturday, November 22, 2008

If I can't Decorate My House, I'll Do My Blog :)

Billie, Cricket and I would like some help choosing wallpaper for our blog. The two boys are not as interested, but the girls want something that will compliment their furs. :)

These wallpapers are free from the Cutest Blog on the Block. Miss Peach's Mommy Karla recommended them. I am not one to change things up very often as I am such a creature of habit. But, I think maybe I need something fun to cheer me up during these gray days.

So, starting from the one after Billie; 1, 2, or 3? If you totally hate all of them that's okay. I just kinda like shabby chic and nature inspired prints.

Well, today is grocery day, so I will try to get some blog visiting done after I get back. I hope it isn't too crazed there. It is the weekend before Thanksgiving. I will take some pain reliever before I go this time! Maybe a muscle relaxer too. :) Being a space case in the grocery store may be a good way to deal with all of those grumpy people. ;)
No kitties, Momma won't forget your food and treats.

Hugs everyone! (^;^)