Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Monday night moon, Billie and bunny

Seed Moon? Feed me Moon?
Or Easter Moon?

Last night I took a picture of the full moon outside my kitchen window. On my calender it's called the Seed Moon. There is usually a full moon just before Easter. Notice the maple tree has not leafed out yet. I think if I looked very closely I might see buds.

For the kitties I call it the "Feed me moon". I stand right at the counter next to that window when I feed them and that what I said last night. Yes, I can be rather odd. :)

Billie is being so cute right now. All late morning and even right now, she is napping next to the little bunny I bought last year. She and I are worried about dear Miss Sweet Praline, who is getting a bump removed from her nose today. We are purring she makes a speedy recovery and is home to cuddle with her mommy tonight.

We are also holding Mis
ses Peach's family in our thoughts. Lapdaddy's brother has passed away and we feel sad for them. We understand how difficult it is to have beloved family members pass on. It leaves a hole in the heart that takes a while to heal over.

This weekend was another blah, do nothing one. I did some paper doll crafting; Alice and a faerie. Other than that, some house work and napping.
I'm still down, still tired.
Oh, our dishwasher finally croaked. And it did not smell good when it did. I actually smelled the motor burning out last night. For a person with a phobia of the house catching fire this was not a good thing! My husband checked it out and determined that it wasn't going to go up in flames. I guess we know where our tax refund is going!

So another week... I will get around to visiting and I hope everyone has a Happy Easter Week! Chocolate bunny's for everyone! And Nip Bunny's for the kitties of course!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Strike a Pose

Lady Cats

Miss Billie and Cricket love to strike poses in the evening. Usually around bedtime when the house is quiet and it's just me downstairs yet.
Like me, they do not like a lot of noise; loud talking, loud music, loud television. I'm wondering if some of the people in this house have hearing loss... ;)

Yesterday was a rather useless day. I did some crafting and then fell asleep. I have been so tired! I feel like a cat. Get up, eat a little, wash up, go sleep.

My husband is in the "planning stages" of working on things around the house. Um, okay... I know how this goes. He refuses to do any more woodwork stripping and staining thanks to Toeshee. He has made our doorways his personal scratching posts. He even manages to get his girth all the way up the door frame!

Other than house in disrepair issues and being worn out, there's not much going on. The kitties are doing well. Though Billie is being skittish and a little grumpy. She's eating really well and likes to be pet and cuddled, but when I try to clean her eyes or get a knot out she gets really irritable. Maybe, I can bribe her with some treats.

I will try to get some blog visiting in today and tomorrow.
Happy Thursday!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Mancat Silliness

Mancat silliness

Here are Cody and Toeshee showing off how silly they can be. They always seem to know when I need a little comic relief. Cody loves to drink out of my water glass. (No, I do not drink from it after he does.) :)
And Toeshee... Well, what can I say? Look at his belly!
"Ladies, this could ALL be yours!" Such a floof monster!

Spring came to Michigan in it's usual way; snow... So not funny! It melted by Sunday afternoon and I'm really hoping that's the last of it. We have crocus blooming and they didn't seem affected.

I saw Little Black Cat again. He ran from me when I tried to feed him. I feel so badly for him. I came in from that crying and my husband said that he wished strays wouldn't come to our house, because it always makes me sad.
But, if they didn't come to me, would anyone else feed them? I wish the world was a kinder place. Why can't the world be like our little Blogosphere?

Well, the sun is out and the temps are warmer, so I will try to be grateful for the little things.
I hope you all have sunny days and silly pets to bring a smile to your face!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

APurrfectly Mad Party

I'm 2 today!

Go Toeshee, it's your birthday, it's your birthday!

I'm a 2 year old manly mancat! These are my official two year old pictures. Momma hopes I will calm down now. Ha ha. She now thinks my party theme should have been Where the Wild Things Are instead of Alice, but we like Alice. The Mad Hatter cake is for the Beans. Sorry ladies, no Johnny Depp. :(
But, the cake is chocolate! the Cheshire Cat cake is a tuna cake with cream frosting infused with nip.
I have little nip mousies with extra nip to play with and Momma says we can trash the house, because it's well on it's way to being a big mess anyway.
Later she will make salmon for dinner.
So, party on kitties! Thank you for being my friends!

Momma Lorianna: I will try to make time to do some visiting today. I could not get a moment's peace yesterday! Aren't those cakes cool? I wish I could make cakes like that. I can bake cakes fairly well, but decorating is not my strong point.
I hope you all have a wonderful day. Thank you for sharing Toeshee's Birthday with me. :)

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Eatin' o the Green!

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Toeshee is eating his cat grass in celebration.
It is sunny and in the 60's today! So nice.
Tomorrow is "Mr. T's" birthday and I hope to post a little party for him.

Toeshee: I will be 2 years old! A mancatly Mancat! I even have a girl friend. Her name is Jelly Bean. I don't think she is a cougar though. I think she is Siamese, or Burmese, or something exotic like that. She is so beautiful and floofy! (Blush...)

My party is going to have an Alice in Wonderland theme. Chesire cat and Mad Hatter. Momma found the cakes online. She wishes she could really make cakes like that.
We hope you have a really Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Nipped at night

Nipped at Night

Hi efurryone! It's Miss Billie recovering from a Nip Party I had with Toeshee last night.
Momma gave it to us before she went to bed and it totally chilled us out!

So, how is efurryone? Momma lit candles all weekend for kitties and peoples.
She woke up at 3:30 this morning with a fever and lots of hurty joints. Another RA flare. She thinks it's because she hasn't been taking both shots of medicines due to some money problems. Her doctor told her she must take both to start feeling better. She finally got the refill for the one that makes her queasy, so this week she gets two pokes. Hopefully she will start feeling better after that settles in.

We have had a visitor come and go around our house. Momma calls him Little Black Cat. He would not let her come near him until a couple of nights ago. It was raining and he was on the porch with Sylvester. Momma took food out for both of them, thinking LBC would just run away, but hoping he would eat.
He didn't run away! He meowed very sadly and broke Momma's heart. His eye was runny and half closed. While Sylvester happily ate, Momma nudged the plate over to LBC and he started eating right in front of her.
She went back in and got him some more food.
He has not come back since. Momma feels very sad for him.

Why, oh why do humans not get their kitties fixed?! We do not understand it.
We hope LBC knows that he is not alone in this world and that someone cares. Momma will have a gentle hand, loving words and good food waiting for him if he comes back. And us kitties, safe in our house, will not be jealous.

We hope you all have a week filled with Love. Toeshee's 2nd birthday is Thursday, so Momma will try to post a party here. Knowing Toeshee it will be a wild and crazy party!

~Miss Billie~

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Purrs For Herman

Purrs For Herman

Please keep sweet Herman and his Mommy Karen Jo in your thoughts. Herman's FIV is active again and he has not been feeling his usual playful self. He now must take Interfuran ,which hopefully will keep the virus from getting too much of a foothold. His mommy is understandably very worried.

Karen Jo adopted Herman from a shelter, knowing about his FIV status, but wanting to give him a loving and happy home anyway.
He has blossomed under her love and is a wonderful, loving kitty.

I am holding you both in my heart and I will whisper your names as I light my candles, especially the candle in my kitty votive holder, tonight.