Monday, August 31, 2009

The Girls Relaxing at Home

Kitty Admiration Society

Hi, Cricket and Billie here to show our latest pictures taken with our friends!

We love Daisy the Curly Cat's Hallmark card! Momma snagged the last two at the card store. She was so excited! Someday Momma would like to see Cricket on a Halloween card and she thinks Billie would be a pretty Valentine.
Isn't Daisy fun? Only she could pull off a coconut bra. :)

Last week Momma DVR'd the TLC show featuring the Whiskers and Purrs gang with their Mommy Jenny. We really enjoyed their portion of the show.
Momma tried to leave a comment on their blog to let them know how much we like them, but their Wordpress wouldn't take the comment. She tried like 3 times and it wouldn't take. Oh well, we are still big fans!

Momma is still nervous about her bloodwork results. The idea that the Methotrexate is affecting her liver freaks her out a little bit. It was a possible side effect, but she didn't think she would have a problem because she never drinks alcohol and she has a pretty healthy diet. (well she does have a sweet tooth!) Now, she will probably have to try a new medication, but she is wondering if she should bother. Maybe after x-rays she will know what to do.

We will be popping
in on everyone this week whenever we get a chance. Right now, momma has to go sweep up the kitchen. SOMEONE chewed a CAT HEAD SIZED HOLE into a bag of crunchies and now their are some scattered all over the floor. Then she must make sure we all have our lunch and see if the boy cats that visit are around outside.

Lots of Hugs and Purrs Everyone!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Oh, the Drama

Billie loves her soaps!

Hi everybody! Miss Billie here with a quick hello! Last week Momma and I enjoyed the adventures of some floofy kitties on the drama As The Paw Turns. It was really good! Who knew Praline was such a little vixen? :)

Momma has pictures of me also watching the Whiskers and Purrs Gang and their Mommy Jenny on TLC and she has a picture of Cricket admiring Daisy's Hallmark card. ( Momma bought the last two!) They are still in her camera though and Momma is feeling too yucky to do much right now.

The RA monster is winning. She can't take anymore medicines until she gets her bloods taken again and she doesn't go see her doctor until October. So, she is hurty and grumpy and hoping after lots of rest and water and vitamin C she will feel a bit better. Those shots she had to give herself hurt her liver and she can't have them anymore. She won't miss poking herself every week anyway. I don't know how she could stand that! Us kitties hate the pokes at the V E T!

We will post new pictures later, maybe this weekend. It is going to be rainy and cold here, so hopefully we have a good chance of just posting and visiting.

Hugs!~ Miss Billie~

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

August Garden Tour With Cody

Cody's August Garden Tour

Hello efurrybody! Cody here with our August garden tour. As you may know I am Momma's official cat helper in the garden. She lets me go out with her to weed and water and of course take pictures. I hate it when she drags me inside though.
We are winding down in the gardening season here. This summer was not very good for our flowers. It was very cool with lots of rain. Flowers in the summer need warmer temps and plenty of sun. So do I and Momma! :)

We like our Mr. Sun and his faerie friend Betony. They enjoy the Foxgloves and little garden faeries hide in the Foxglove in the evening.
The pink lily is the last blooming lily of the summer. It is called Rubrium. It's a Turk's Cap. It looks like it has little rubies embedded in it's petals. Momma ordered them from Old House Gardens a while ago.

We like the red and orange Lantana with the purple Pansies in our old Tuscan sun flower pot.

Momma and I have decided that the Hibiscus is not quite dinner plate sized; More like dessert plate maybe. But, still, they are lovely. We are still waiting for the white ones to open and our Sunflowers are not quite open yet. They will probably open this week.
Sadly, today is the last day we will be in the low 80's. We will be getting an Autumnal chill coming in after Wednesday. Bummer!

The two boy kitties are still visiting us and Momma is still feeding them. The Daddyman is not very happy about it. He thinks they need to go to the Humane Society. Momma said No Way! Tigger Roo especially will have a hard time getting a home. Most people don't want older cats like him.
Momma of course wants every kind of cat! What am I going to do with her? :) I'm happy and Lucky that she loves me even though I am an older gentleman.

We will be poppping in on all of you bloggie friends this week. We Never Forget any of You and We Adore You All!
Hugs and Purrs,
~Cody Mac Boldly~

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Cricket Reports

Cricket gives her latest report.

Hello, Cricket here and I am not pleased as you may be able to tell from my expression.

We have intruders on our property! And Momma has been FEEDING THEM!
The black and white cat has been hanging around all summer. He supposedly has a home over on the next street, but they never seem to let him in. His name is Sylvester. He is skinny and Momma feels sorry for him. She asked the Daddyman to talk to the husband because they chat sometimes about man stuff. Daddyman said he doesn't want to bother him about the cat until it gets cold. Momma heard a story about that man's wife and she is worried about Sylvester. Let's just say this woman doesn't like cats very much. Momma doesn't know what to do.

The other kitty is a big tiger cat who comes to visit on our front porch a couple of times a week. Momma says his sad eyes melt her heart. He is very friendly and always very hungry. She calls him Tigger Roo or Rum Tum Tigger. (Snort! Whatever!) I call them both mooching trespassers!
I am the Queen of this old house! I do not like the smell of strange boy cats hanging around our house!
It's strange that we always have boy cats that come by. Momma says we have never had a girl kitty. Do people just kick boy kitties out because they don't bother to get them their hooha-ectomies, then get mad when they spray? Are people really that stupid? I must admit to feeling a little bit sorry for them if that's the case...

Momma needs to get to visiting blogs again. She had a flare up yesterday with a fever and all over hurty. She actually went to bed in the middle of a nice, sunny afternoon! I kept her company, being the good nurse that I am.
She has been fighting pink eye too. I told her to just take the pain medicine that makes her sleepy, make sure us kitties are fed, and go to sleep for a while. The Daddyman and Teenager girl can get their own NomNoms. As long as she is up to feed us again I think it's no big deal. Cats nap all the time!

Well efurryone, that's my report for the week. Cody will be posting his August Garden Tour when Momma is feeling better. Wait until you see the Dinner Plate size Hibiscus blooming in the front cottage garden!

Be naughty!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Bookstore Kitties

Here are the bookstore kitties! They are Zelda, (the white and orange kitty) and Dickens (the black cat). They are so sweet and friendly. Lovely companions while browsing among all those books.
I have been so behind on visiting my blogger kitty and bean friends. :(
I will try to pop in for a few throughout the next couple of days. I need to get some more pictures taken too. I hope to get some of my flowers before they go to sleep for the season. My sunflowers should be opening soon.

Have a Happy Weekend! Lots of Hugs and Purrs from me and The Fab Four; Billie, Cody, Cricket and Toeshee

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Duckies and Kitties and Broken I- Nets (again!)

Broken Internets, Baby Ducks and Hot and Sleepy Kitties (oh my!)

Well, we are finally able to get online again! After a weekend of torrents of rain and lots of lightning and steamy temps, our internet was poof! As in all gone! Finally someone came to fix it and we were told it may be our modem. So far though after resetting it we are back online. Our IP company told us they will credit our account for the time we were offline. This is the second time in a month! Talk about frustrating!

So, while the kitties slept and we had free time the husband and I decided to enjoy what is left of the summer. We went to a little town near by called Rockford. (By the way, that is the town that the first Darrin from Bewitched lived for the remainder of his days, which is kinda cool.) I took my camera and I was so glad that I did. Look at Momma duck and her babies! Twelve baby ducklings following her so nicely. We felt blessed to see something so precious.
We visited some cute little shops and I found that little yellow bird that Toeshee is napping with. He has promised he will not jump on the mantle where it now resides and knock it off.

There is a bookstore there that is connected to an old train car. It is so cool and the best part is the kitties that work there! There is a little black one and a big white one with orange patches. They followed us around the whole store and I couldn't stop petting them and talking to them. Poor husband, stuck in a train car full of romance novels and me playing with kitties! :) He got ice cream, so he didn't complain too much.
I will try to find the website of the store and hopefully there are pictures of the kitties on it.

So now today, is recuperating day for me. I did a lot of walking and my hip is being contrary about it. It is finally warm here and my husband has the week off of work. My two floof monsters Miss Billie and Toeshee are very warm, but they seem happy with the nice weather.
I have missed visiting with everyone so much! I hope I didn't miss anything important. I think with it being summer there are probably a lot of people and their furbabies just chill-axing.
I hope everyone is able to take a day or two to enjoy the last few weeks of summer.
The kitties and I send you all lots of hugs!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

With A Twitch Of My Tail...

Housework Blues

Hi everybody! I'm busy helping Momma figure out how to get the house clean. This morning I napped in the kitchen and made sure to eat all the treats off of the floor. Momma said, "Um, thanks Billie."
Now I will nap in the living room because the sun isn't streaming in the windows of the kitchen anymore.
Momma is watching her favorite old show. Bewitched! She just loves that Sam! If she were Sam, she would have a nicer husband than Darrin. He was a pain! :) She would also have kitties with magical self cleaning litterboxes!

What are your favorite old tv shows? We know Miss Peach and her Mommy Karla love Lucy. :) We also liked Moonlighting, MASH, and Cheers. Those are all curl up and watch when you don't feel well shows. It's nice when Momma rests like that because then I can curl up with her.
This weekend might be warmer! Even kitties with long floof like me would like a few real summer days here in Michigan.

We hope you are having a nice summer day where ever you are. Take some time to relax. Trust us, the work will still be there ! Hopefully a nice kitty will help you clean up any treats that happen to hit the floor! ;)

Hugs and Purrs, Miss Billie~

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Getting Spooky with Cricket

Getting Spooky with Cricket

Here I am with my laser eyes! Not once, but twice! Pretty spooky huh? Momma likes all of the laser eyes pictures she sees on the other kitty blogs, so when she took this picture, she was pleasantly surprised.
She also had fun with my name in splashes of bright colors.

We had a stormy weekend here. Now it looks like we may actually get some summer weather. Momma has been battling an upset tummy and hurty joints again. She is so tired of it! She is thinking about getting some peppermint oil at the health food store and putting it in tea or ice water. Does anyone know it this really works? CatNip makes us kitty's tummy's feel better, so maybe peppermint will help her.
She doesn't know what to do about the joint pain anymore. Her shots just are not working the way they used to. If only she could twitch her nose like on her favorite old tv show. Wow... think of all the Nomnoms and toys she could twitch up for us!

We will try to get around this week as much as we can. We missed some friends last week and now we are just plain behind with visiting everybody!
We send you all hugs and a happy beginning to the Golden month of August!

Cricket~ The Naughty Noddle