Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Garden Cat Cody

Cody Takes a Garden Tour

Hey everyone! Cody, master gardening cat here to show the latest plants that are blooming in our back yard. Momma takes me out with her on nice days and I help her with the plants. I inspect them and help pull weeds. I am quite pleased with the new pot of cat nip!
The red Dalia and orange Lantana look nice together. Momma likes the clover shaped Oxalis with the little white flowers. She likes her Iris "Jellybean" too.
Orange and pur
Italicple are our favorite colors and the little fairy named Periwinkle watches over the flowers.

Of course Momma says I'm prettier than all the flowers in the garden.
Momma, I'm a Mancat! I'm handsome, not pretty!

She is worried about me as I get older. I am somewhere between 14 and 15 and I have lost a little weight. She wants me to go to the V E T for a checkup, but the Daddyman says there is no need. My appetite is pretty good and I still have energy. He thinks it's normal for cats to loose a little weight as they age.
I personally am not worried, but Momma of course is watching me like a mother hen.

Her jaw and teeth have been very hurty for the past few days, so she is calling her dentist to see if he can see what's wrong. She thinks her RA medicine is affecting her gums somehow, but her jaw is clicking so loud us kitties can hear it when she yawns.
Poor worry filled, mother hen Momma. I think she needs another sunny day with me outside!

We hope you all have warm sunny days ahead. (Well, Miss Peach's Mommy doesn't like it too warm, so not too hot for her.) We will keep Mickey in our thoughts as he has his teeth fixed up too.

Big Purrs! ~ Cody Mac Boldly


Sweet Praline said...

Cody, you and your mom have a lovely garden!

Mom says to tell your mom hello and that she hopes her mouth stops hurting soon. Mom knows how that feels.

JB's Big World said...

What pretty pictures and Cody is a great garden guide!
Hope your mouth feels better, that can't be fun.

Anonymous said...

Hiya Cody!

We're friends of JB's and saw you on that page. We thought you were really cute and we're relatively new to the whole "blog" thing, so we're looking for new feline friends. Nice to "meet" you...

Sniffs & Scratches~
Skeeter, King, & Pandora
AKA~~~The Kool~Kittie~Krew

Amy said...

Cody, that is a great garden and boy oh boy in that first picture your paws look HUGE - so cool!

I hope your mom's mouth feels better soon. And I am with her on the weight loss, if it were me I would also think VET.

Karen Jo said...

Cody, you and your Mom have a great garden. I hope her mouth stops being hurty soon.

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

Looks like Fluffy!

Shaggy, Scooby and Scout said...

What lovely pictures youhave posted today!
SOunds like you are doing pretty well for a "senior" cat!!!! Keep up the god work.
No word on moms blood test or xrays. She has another appt with her dr tomorrow (Monday) and hopefully the results will be back. The hands still hurt all day long.